{Travel} This Little Light Creative Glass and Gallery

This Little Light Creative Glass and Gallery is located in Old Hickory Tennessee. Ms. Betty Turney-Turner, the owner and artist, came and spoke at book club at the library. On display were pieces that she had created. There were also several pieces on display that one of the ladies from our club had either made at the studio or purchased at the studio or craft fairs. Our stellar librarian also had several books on fused and stained glass.

The presentation was fascinating. Ms. Betty told us about how she retired from her day job and stayed home for about 18 months before deciding she needed to get out of the house. At one point she took a stained glass class at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with glass art.

Once she realized that her hobby had taken over her home she decided she needed to open a shop. Right now she is in the process of expanding her classroom space as there has been plenty of interest in classes.

Ms. Betty's passion and knowledge for glass art were apparent as she spoke to us about how glass is fused and heated. The piece below was one she brought that she made using glass dust. The one above was made with cane glass. She said that you could actually go pull cane at her shop!

The shop is not far from Andrew Jackson's Hermitage so if you in the area visiting from out of town you should definitely stop by and see her beautiful artwork. If you are local there is an 8 week stained glass class you can take. It is also a perfect destination for date night, girls night, etc. Ms. Betty said when you come to a class to bring your food and drinks and be creative! Perhaps after your visit you will get the glass bug as well!