School Walkouts and Pi

There are many feelings on the school walkouts that happened today. If students participated I hope that they understood what they were protesting. Was it to honor the victims of the Parkland shooting or was it to protest gun control legislation? Did they walk out because they understood what they were doing or did they go because they got out of school. We know more than one student that went specifically because they got out of school. I have heard of some schools that planned amazing events today to honor the students at Parkland. I have also heard of a school that had a civil rights activist that undermined the authority of the school and put kids in a terrible position. I am absolutely on board with students being able to peacefully protest. I am not on board with someone coming into the school and undermining the school's authority.

On a happier note today was Pi Day! I was subbing in a kindergarten class so we had a little lesson on Pi. I am not sure any of them remembered at the end of the day to tell their families that they wanted pie but maybe a couple of them did. Did you know that O'Charley's has free pie Wednesdays? How fitting that Pi day happened to land on Pie day! I ordered chicken pot pie and of course had O'Charley's famous Caramel Pie for dessert. It was wonderful to have a meal with my sweet family where we could talk about all of the events of the day and end it with pie.