Let's Talk Traffic

When we moved to Tennessee almost seventeen years ago people in the metro area would complain about how bad traffic was. We, being seasoned Los Angeles drivers, would laugh at how little traffic there was. Here we are 17 years later, Nashville has 100 people a day moving here, and traffic is starting to really look like LA. A friend posted at three am that she was stuck in a traffic jam on I-24. We drove quite a bit today and there was a ton of traffic, and trying to get anywhere during rush hour? You can forget about it. 

In California we lived 30 miles from the airport. It took 30 minutes to two hours to get to there. Up until recently we haven't had to think in those terms but now we do. How long will it take to get the kids to school? For us to get to work? Etc. We are on track to have traffic like Atlanta in five years. 

There is a big push for public transportation. We have a train that services one side of the city, and we have buses that run around the county. We also have 3 lane interstates and carpool lanes that run from 7-9 am or 4-6 pm and are a complete joke. Single drivers use the lanes all the time and there seems to be no fear that tickets will be issued. 

Transit for Nashville has a 9 billion dollar plan for a light rail and other improvements. Better Transit for Nashville has 74 reasons you should not vote for the plan. It is a lot of information. Better transit would be good if it actually would reduce traffic. Friends in LA how has the light rail helped in your neck of the woods in regard to reducing traffic? No matter what, something has to be done because sitting in traffic on a Saturday is the pits!

Back in September I posted on Facebook about How to Die in Nashville as this is another huge problem. This was my post:

How to die in Nashville:
1) Choose one of the busiest intersections in Nashville at rush hour. Preferably one with at least 5 lanes
2) Make sure you are around 10 -25 feet from the nearest crosswalk
3) Run across traffic against the light while talking on your cell phone
4) Make sure to stop in the left hand turn lane and give dirty looks to the cars that are barreling toward you at speeds of 45-60 mph
This would be 2 days in a row that I saw people almost hit in the road because they were on their cell phones and not in a crosswalk. As of August 16 pedestrians were killed in Nashville.
I almost hit two boys on bikes that rode right out in front of me as I started to turn on a green arrow today.
People have got to get off their phones, actually follow the rules of the road,  and pay attention. Maybe that would help traffic in Nashville as well.