Friday, March 09, 2018

Holler and Dash

One of the things my hubs and I like to do together is try out new restaurants. I then like to tell others about them and our experiences. Maybe you will find something you would also like to try. Yesterday my hubs and I got to have a quick unexpected lunch date. The band bake sale at which I was volunteering ended early and I didn't have to be at my new job training until 12:30. While traffic in Nashville has almost gotten to Los Angeles levels you can still make a quick trip around 11 in the morning.

We decided on Holler and Dash in Brentwood for our speedy lunch date. I swung by his new office and picked him up, we found a close parking spot (it was like they knew we were coming), and rushed in to the restaurant.

We were greeted at the door with an explanation of how the restaurant worked. "We Holler at the register and then they Dash our table." We actually had been there before but it was during their preview day so things were more rushed at then. We were early for lunch so there was no line and we felt like we could take our time deciding on what to get. Holler and Dash is a subsidiary of Cracker Barrel but it is focused on the biscuits and accouterments. 

My hubs ordered the hot chicken biscuit (of course) he loves all things hot and spicy. I ordered the BLT. Which included a fried green tomato, guacamole, and bacon with Hollerback sauce. We also got a tot bowl, which I thought for some reason would have a cheese sauce but didn't. It came just as the description read on the menu with melted cheese, bacon, and chives. The last time we were there they were out of the beignets so those were on our definite must try list. They delivered in their flaky deliciousness.

Since I am shunning diet coke at the moment I discovered they had a tasty peach tea instead. My biscuit was really quite huge and I wasn't quite sure where to start so I cut it into pieces to enjoy in smaller bites. That lovely top there though was really thick and I didn't want to put it on top of my sandwich. I thought it was much better suited to butter and jam so I went and asked for some. They have Kerrygold butter (for those that want the real thing) and delicious raspberry jam. I meant to check and see if it was from the Nashville Jam Company but I forgot before we left. I will check that next time. We really enjoyed our quick lunch date to Holler and Dash. It was a bit pricey but we decided it was worth it. We were celebrating an impromptu date, Hubs getting his project at the office working, and me going to training for a new job. If you get a chance, check it out!

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