Several times over the years I have seen people post about Ebelskivers or Abelskivers. These little donut pancakes have always looked delicious but you need a special pan to make them. Well, the other day I found a NordicWare Ebelskiver pan at Goodwill for eight dollars. I thought it was an Ebelskiver pan but I put it down for a moment to check it out on my phone and make sure. A man saw me put it down, walked over an grabbed it. Thankfully he put it back down when he couldn't figure out what it was. It did make me laugh though that he saw I was interested and thought he should check it out. Of course, who knows, maybe he was also in the market for a pan for Scandinavian pancakes.

This morning we had a two hour delay for school due to rain all day yesterday with dropping temps and snow in the middle of the night. Since the kids got to sleep in I decided to try out my new pan! My first batch did not turn out great. I put chocolate chips in the middle and for some reason one of my kiddos thought they tasted weird. The second batch had orange marmalade in the middle and that batch was amazing.  The rest of the batches did not have anything in the middle. To turn them I got to use my Gilmore Girls Lit Cube chopsticks. I had to run the kids to school so I finished them off quickly and put them away where our dog couldn't get them. Little Man suggested that we get plastic syringes and fill them with chocolate. Maybe nutella would be good.

For my first attempt at Ebelskivers I tried the Reluctant Gourmet's recipe. I think it was a good one to start with for sure. After the first batch the kids loved them. I will definitely be making these again in the near future!