Monday, March 05, 2018

Cats and Dogs

In November our sweet kitty cat passed away at home. She was almost 20 years old so she had a good long life. Our son found her on the floor in the bathroom. He said he put his ear on her and heard her heartbeat a few times and then it stopped. He called us right away so we could come get here. We had had a scare with her several months before where she was butting her head against the wall. The vet gave her fluids and said she was dehydrated. She bounced back after that and was great for awhile. Our cat that will be four on April Fool's Day irritated her so much every single day. Now she just irritates our 12 year old dog.

I have written many times in the past about all the things my dog has eaten. Well, she hasn't stopped. If she can snatch it off your plate she will do so. We just changed her food but I think we will have to change it back. This food is making her have the worst gas we have ever smelled and it lingers. Blerg! Of course it is pretty funny to see her jump up and run away when she farts in her sleep and scares herself awake. 

Pets are fun aren't they? :)

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