Monday, June 08, 2015

{FFWD} Never Doubt Dorie!

 As I mentioned last week we are at the end of our Around My French Table journey and we are finishing up with a few celebratory posts. Last week was AHA moments. This week is "Never Doubt Dorie" moments.

Choose the recipe that might not have been your favorite or even something you enjoyed making or even something you were skeptical about but which taught you a technique or gave you an idea or provided a lesson of some kind.

First and foremost....some ingredients are scary folks! A few recipes that I was really skeptical about included things I would not normally eat. However, I was able to get my family to eat or at least try each recipe and was able to share some of these with adventurous neighbors.

Some Never Doubt Dorie moments:
1. I learned how to prepare a delicacy that would be far more expensive in a restaurant.
2. Olives are not the devil when baked in something sweet.
3. Shellfish can be tasty.
4. The "bonne idee" sections are fantastic. Also, I love the times in the book where Dorie says trust me, it may not look like it is going to work but keep stirring, or keep going, it will come together.
5. I learned many new techniques that I never would have taken a chance on before starting this book. :)

Now, a few of the recipes that I was a little scared of that turned out pretty good:

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Next week: The Play it Again Dorie Recipe.