{Blogging for Books}The Paleo Chef

Have you ever wanted to try the paleo lifestyle? Bobby and I did Whole 30 in August of 2013 and had a good experience with the program. It was pretty extreme as it is a temporary elimination diet. I am sure you have met people that are all paleo all the time and do a great job of sticking to it. One of the things I struggled with during Whole 30 was being creative in my cooking. If you take a look at Pete Evans website the opening page says "Pete is the only person who cares and talks this much about food." I don't know that he is the only person but he definitely has some great recipes and ideas for paleo cooking.

Pete starts his book off with 10 things you need to know about the paleo lifestyle. He covers everything from this being a way of life  and what to eat and drink to exercising and thinking positively. He, of course, gets everything he can directly from the source and makes sure to practice nose to tail eating. When talking about ingredients he says, "No matter what ingredients you choose, always select the highest quality, organic, and sustainable products you can find and afford." Cooking paleo is expensive.When we did our Whole 30 I spent far more on groceries than I normally do. Granted we used everything up but you have to be prepared to spend more, especially if you are going all in for the locally sourced, organic, humanely treated, non-gmo, nitrate free, cage free, free range meat, eggs, etc. All I am saying is be prepared to spend more on your monthly grocery bill.

Now, on to the recipes! Since I already know that I am a meat eater, and that I tolerate paleo meals quite well I have picked out a recipe from Pete's book that I want to try from each section.

Muesli & Berry Parfait with Coconut Cream (pg.26)

Snacks and Sides
Kale Hummus (pg. 46)
Roasted Winter Vegetables (pg. 73)

Grilled Wild Salmon with Artichoke Salsa (pg. 90)

Actually the entire poultry section looks great to me!

Pork Cutlets with Cabbage Salad and Romesco Sauce (pg. 144)

Well, you know we like dessert in our house but the one that stands out is:
Mixed Berry Cheesecake (pg. 168)

Based in the photo alone I would choose the Iced Chocolate (pg. 200)

I am excited to get started cooking from Pete's book! I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Pete also has a Pizza cookbook, a Casual Home Cooking cookbook and a Vegetarian Kindle book available. You can click below to see those. If purchases are made I get a tiny percentage of the sale as an Amazon Associate.