{Blogging for Books} Q & A a Day

They always say
time changes things,
but you actually
have to change them
-Andy Warhol

The quote above is on the first page of Q&A a Day. Are you the kind of person who journals every day no matter what? Or are you more like me who had grand intentions of journaling every day and after a couple of months that fizzles out? This book is for you! When I ripped the shipping container open to get to this tome I was so excited. This is the perfect size to carry with you or place by your bed. It is a 5 year journal with questions every day. Since I got mine today the question for February 2nd was "Who do you live with?" Today the answer to that is my husband, 2 kids, a dog, and two cats. 3 months ago that would have included a hermit crab and a hamster. You go through and answer the same question on the same day for five years.

I think this is brilliant but I am the kind of person who loves being able to go back and see what we have done on the same day each year. For instance I like being able to track what we dressed up as for Halloween each year.

The pages are all edges gilt. The book feels comfortable in your hand and makes you want to write in it right away! The entries are short and while you can think awhile you do not have to write a ton each day. You can check out Clarkson Potter to see more titles. Not only is there Q&A a Day, there is also "Our Q&A a Day" and "Q&A a day for College". 
Check it out!

I received a review copy of this journal from Blogging for Books.