Sunday, August 24, 2014

County Fair

Yesterday we decided to take the kids to the county fair. We were planning on going early but it poured at our house and our kiddos were supposed to be cleaning their rooms so we waited until 2:30 when the rain had passed before we headed out.

We purchased ride tickets, checked out all of the fun displays, picked up some free lemonade provided by a church, and got in line for the bumper cars. I am guessing the ride should have closed right before we go on it because as we stood in line the sky began to darken, the wind picked up, and lightning began to flash. Getting on a metal ride with metal poles sticking up was probably not the brightest idea but I am glad we got on when we did. The picture below I snapped just before we got on the ride. 

 The storm that blew through actually missed the fair completely but lightning in the area caused closure of all of the rides for awhile. A few notes on the fair:

  1. It is as rednecky as you might think in the best way possible (think pig races and lawnmower demolition derby).
  2. My kids will stand and watch an egg hatch for quite awhile.
  3. Spell check may not have been used when making the banner for the place we got our drinks.
  4. Running power cords through giant puddles is totally acceptable (or not removing them from water after rain).
  5. People will debate what kind of lawnmower is being driven in the lawnmower demolition derby.
  6. Everyone goes to the fair!
  7. Ride tickets are expensive.
  8. Food is terribly expensive.
  9. Deep Fried Snickers are delicious and 1 is plenty to share with 3 people.
  10. Abe Lincoln had a long drive home in the rain. 

Bobby and Little Man went on the Ferris Wheel and could see the stands filling up for the demolition derby from the top. Munchkin and I went on Rock and Roll while they were high up in the sky. As a side note, I used to love roller coasters. Even after a bad experience at a fair in California (My friend Nicole and I ended up on The Hammer for 20 minutes just swinging back and forth almost high enough to flip but not quite. That ended in vomit.) I loved roller coasters at amusement parks. Then I had kids and started having motion sickness. So, I went on this ride with Munchkin and once it was over I needed a moment to compose myself so I did not vomit at this fair. Once I was ready we headed off to the demolition derby. My son adored the derby! He thought it was hilarious that the cars were smashing each other! A couple of notes on the derby:
  1. It appears the object was to smash the competitors cars and be the last one still moving.
  2. Some competitors will help out a stalled car by pushing from behind, as futile as it may be.
  3. Some competitors will smash the side of your car to try and get you unhooked from another car.
  4. Demolition Derby is kind of exciting!

Once we were done at the derby we went to spend the rest of our tickets. We had 14 left and the kids wanted to ride Rock and Roll so we headed back to the other side of the fair. Bobby stayed in line with the kids until they got to the steps and I am glad he did. The line was crazy and bunch of people got in line in front of them while they were out of my line of vision. Both kids were so very excited for this ride. Little Man especially as he had not ridden it yet. Munchkin as well since she got to introduce him to it! They got off all smiles. Since we only had 4 tickets left and didn't see any rides that both kids could ride we headed for the gate. We picked a little girl at the ticket booth and gave her our last tickets hoping she could use them. It was late, we were tired, and ready to get home when all of a sudden we say Abe Lincoln in the school house! The kids wanted to see him so we ran in for a moment. Abe lost his allure a bit when he ignored us. I asked for a picture though and he complied. It was the last day of the fair and I am sure he was tired and hot after being in character all day. As we started toward the gate it started to rain, by the time we were in the car it started to pour! I am so glad we got to spend the day hanging out together as a family and were able to get home safely after a long hot day. :)