Friday, June 06, 2014

Summer Reading: My Top 5

Are you a reader? Are you always looking for the next great book to read? Well, I have some suggestions for you!

1. First and foremost, Diana Gabaldon's "Written in My Heart's Own Blood" comes out in just 4 days! My mother started reading this series 20 years ago. I started reading them 2 years ago.  This is book 8 in the series and promises to be as epic as the first 7 books! Start with Outlander and you will be hooked, you will want to travel to Scotland, and you will want to order Starz so you can see the TV show that is 20 years in the making!!

2. Game of Thrones
Right now I am at the beginning of book 4 in this series. If you have seen the show but haven't read the books I highly suggest reading! Everyone was shocked by the Red Wedding episode (which I haven't seen yet) but now I know all about it from book 3. This one might take a bit to get into because there are so many intricate details and characters but it is definitely worth the read!

3. The Book of Secrets by Elizabeth Joy Arnold
When I read this book back in March I posted this on Facebook:
I just finished reading a complicated yet engaging book called The Book of Secrets by Elizabeth Joy Arnold. A few sentences that resonated with me "We think we know our friends, our lovers, but really all we know is pieces of them. Fragments we learn by watching, sharing time and place, listening to their stories; over the years there are more and more of those fragments and we can draw lines between them, fill them with what we imagine is truth. But of course we can only know what they show us; lines we think jig here may actually curl somewhere else altogether. The lines we draw aren't always real, and often have more to do with our own selves".

It lead to an in depth discussion on human interaction. I love it when I book resonates with life!

4. Let them Be Eaten by Bears by Peter Brown Hoffmeister
I actually read this book last year and wrote an entire post about it in September.  This book was named one of Parents Magazine top 5 books of 2013. If you are feeling stuck inside get this and read it and get you and your kids outside!

5. The Fault in Our Stars
You will cry...that is all.

What is on your reading list this summer? I am planning on finishing up the Game of Thrones series and spending time in the world of Outlander. Both Diana Gabaldon and George R.R. Martin are gifted at detail. Since I am posting more recipes and restaurant "stuff" these days you may want to check out My Outlander Kitchen and Inn at the Crossroads. These blogs are inspired by the dishes described in each of these epic series.  I hope you will get a chance to read and maybe cook a little too!

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