Thursday, June 26, 2014

Photo Challenge Day!

It is the 4th week of summer vacation. The first week we relaxed and wound down from school. We went swimming and to the library. The second and third week Munchkin was at band camp so Little Man and I hung out and played cars, went to the library, read, went to the wave pool with band camp, baked cookies, went to the beach and a spray park, and just enjoyed getting to spend time together. 

This week I have been reading the new Diana Gabaldon book "Written in My Heart's Own Blood" so the kids have been doing a great job of entertaining themselves. Sure, they have had time to watch a little TV and play a few video games but that is pretty limited. They have read, done chalk art on the side walk, done crafts, and have eaten all of the snacks in the house. So today when they asked what they should do I sent them on a photo challenge. They started out in the backyard but then went all around our block to see what kinds of images they could capture. Their challenge consisted of flowers, yard art, and leading lines. These are the top 4 for each kiddo. I think they rose to the challenge! :)

Munchkin's top 4

Little Man's top 4

Now while I post this they are watching Frozen only this time in Spanish.

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