Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This is Critter. He was a stray that adopted our neighbor and has been loved on by everyone in the neighborhood. Critter used to be very skittish around people but because of the love shown by our neighbors he grew to like people. At Christmas he got hit by a car. A trip with the neighbors to the vet showed he was bruised but no worse for wear. Over the last two years he has shown signs of his age in his vision, hearing, and bladder function. A family walked by one day and asked if he was OK because of the way he was walking. Everyone on the block knows Critter, loves him, and knows to just pick him up and move him to the yard if he is out in the street. Today, Critter is going to the vet and will not be coming home.

We talked to the kids yesterday about Critter. Munchkin (my tenderhearted girl) immediately started to tear up. She went out to go see him and to take some pictures of him. The big picture up there is hers (the small one is from two years ago). Little Man (also tenderhearted) took a little while longer to process but then sobbed at bedtime. Both kids have loved Critter and having him on our street. He will be missed. :(


  1. Pets that belong to the neighborhood are a special gift indeed. So sorry to hear you will be losing yours but how lovely for him that he had all of you to love him.

  2. It's part of life, but it doesn't make it any less sad. Because he was loved he had a good life.