Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{Spam and Anchovies} Irish Night and Pi Day

Photo Credit Vanessa Adams and her amazing self timer! :)

I love getting together with these ladies! We have such interesting and hilarious discussions every month because we are so varied on our ideas about many things. I somehow managed to not take my camera out of my purse and took some lovely photos of our Irish dishes with my phone. Vanessa posted much better than I about that night so check her post out here. She didn't include her food pics but you get mine instead....yeah..there you go. :)

My simple Apple Tart turned out...rustic. And of course had to have green sprinkles for Irish night. It was tasty if not pretty.
Green mason jars, cheesecake bars, salad, Irish Soda Bread, Sausage pastries, and Dublin Coddle. Yum! That is all.

On another note it was also Pi day so I made this pie to leave at home for my family to eat while I was out with the girls. :)

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