Thursday, March 06, 2014

Basketball Oreo Truffles

If you have not made Oreo truffle before go right now and pick up a package of oreos (pick your favorite flavor) and an eight ounce block of cream cheese...go ahead..I'll wait. :) Got them? Good! Now pull out your food processor and crush the entire bag of cookies...well all except one, you need one to eat out of the package of course! Now, cut the block of cream cheese into chunks and drop them into the machine. If your food processor is anything like mine I have to MacGyver it with a tiny knife to get it to spin. Process or pulse the machine until the dough comes together. To make the dough easy to roll refrigerate for about 30 minutes and then roll the dough into one inch balls. My batch made about 24 but I made them kind of big. Once your truffles are rolled stick them back in the fridge while you melt the chocolate  or almond bark. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT add food coloring to white chocolate chips while you are trying to melt them. It will destroy the white chocolate chips and make it impossible to dip the truffles. Believe me, I went through two bags of chips, finally gave up and ran to the store for almond bark. I am not a fan of almond bark unless it is on popcorn at Thanksgiving or Christmas but I needed something that would work for this. I melted the bark  and THEN added the food coloring but didn't quite get the basketball orange I was looking for. I had Munchkin melt some chocolate chips and help me decorate the basketballs.

Now, you might be asking "Why basketballs?" Well, it was the end of the basketball season celebration and my hubs "Coach Bobby" volunteered us to take dessert. This is something that is easy and fairly quick to make, and it is always a crowd pleaser. My son's basketball team was not terribly interested in these...many of them chose the store bought cookies instead..Eh, 9 year olds... My daughter's team, on the other hand, devoured the entire batch. Her coach and several other parents asked for the recipe.

1 package Oreos (your choice of flavors, we just picked up lemon..mmm a dark chocolate coating would be delicious with these!)
1 8 oz package cream cheese
1 package almond bark or other chocolate chips for dipping.

This basketball season was a lot of fun for our kiddos. My hubster coached and liked it but it was a little stressful. Introvert + eight 2nd-4th graders = stress. He handled it really well though and the kids learned a lot about basketball from him. I know our kiddo was thrilled to have him as his coach. Little Man even made 2 goals in the last game of the season. Munchkin enjoyed the team aspect this year and is ready to jump into softball next.

Make these Oreo Truffles right now! You will not be sorry. :)

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