Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hot Chocolate 5k

 Hot Chocolate 5k. What can I say. 22 degrees, freezing child, funny college students running their first ever 5k, cozy sweatshirts, hubster and Little Man cheerleaders, finishers mug with chocolate fondue, warming up inside the Farmers Market, hubster bringing the car so we didn't have to go back out in the cold.

Munchkin was excited until we got out of the car and it was 22 degrees. She couldn't feel her toes. I think we did about a 14 minute. My fast walk was the same as Munchkin's jogging pace. Been awhile since I have run so I had a stitch in my side.  After about a mile and a half Munchkin started to warm up and got a little happier. She did have to stop once to adjust her socks and we got to stop and have our picture taken by Bobby and Little Man. Many cones were set up so we didn't fall on the many icy patches in the road.

The finishers mugs, getting to do a 5k with my girl,  and warming up in the Farmers Market with Bobby and Little Man made it all worthwhile! :)

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