Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fingers and Bracelets

You will notice the ring finger on Munchkin's right hand is quite swollen. She has been to a few practices and yesterday was her first basketball game of the season. In the last 3 minutes of her play time the ball hit the tip of her finger. She kept playing even though we could see she was babying it. Little Man ran to the snack bar and asked for some ice to put on it. It was a sweet moment to see him take it to her and the sweet smile she gave him for it. Bobby has jammed his finger playing basketball before so he really thought it was probably just jammed. My experience playing basketball includes being hit in the mouth and breaking my wire and having no clue what I was doing on my ROTC team in high school. Since her finger was more swollen this morning I took her to the urgent care clinic. When the lady next to me said she thought her had the flu or pneumonia I took a huge step to the left. She was not offended...much I don't think. The xray didn't show a fracture and apparently the dr's office lost the key to the supply cabinet so the Dr couldn't get the supplies for a splint. That is OK with me though because I am sure it would cost $150 for a finger splint. We have had ice on it quite a bit today.

Munchkin has been wanting to get an official Rainbow Loom for awhile now so after the Dr I took her and her Christmas money from Uncle Joe and Aunt Rox to Michael's. While we were there we discovered they had a Rainbow Loom class that started at 1pm! She had enough left over after purchasing her loom that she was able to sign up for the class. She has been teaching herself how to make all kinds of things with those tiny rubber bands but learned how to make the cool bracelets in the pic at the class.

We taped Munchkin's fingers together tonight. I am hoping and praying they feel better in the morning. Maybe a sweet friend will help her carry her French Horn. :)


  1. Well it seems to have ended nicely! I didn't know there were classes for the rainbow loom, but I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised either! :) Hope her finger recovers quickly!

  2. well the finger injury seems to have been a perfect "excuse" to take the rainbow loom class! :) Hope it recovers quickly, but how fun is the class??? :)