Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! A Very Quick Update of our Year

Merry Christmas to all of you! It has been quite a year! We are praying for many blessings on your new year! 
A quick review of 2013:
-January: Monster Jam, basketball.
-February: more basketball and a super quick trip to Atlanta to see our friends, the Jacksons.
-March: I took Munchkin on a girls overnight and horse back lesson. 
-April: The kids hunted eggs in our neighborhood for Easter. I ran the Country Music Half Marathon, Munchkin played in her first solo and Ensemble festival, and we went to the Strawberry Festival. 
-May: The kids ended 5th and 2nd grades and Little Man learned to ride his scooter and his 2 wheel bike, Munchkin got braces and Little Man got an appliance to stretch his palate, and Bobby went to the Google conference in San Francisco. 
-June: Little Man had a Duck Dynasty bday party, Bobby played guitar with Mark and Melissa at Jozoara Coffeehouse, and with Nate at Nashville Shores. 
-July: Munchkin had a horseback riding birthday party, we got a visit from Grandma Reinsch, hung out with sweet friends, made our annual trek to Michigan for the Foust family reunion, and Peppa the hamster joined our family. 
-August: Kids back to school, I entered a recipe contest at the Tomato Festival, and went to The Wild Cow with my cooking club (Spam and Anchovies) and Bobby and I did Whole 30. Bobby also fixed our AC. -September: I went to IFBC (food blogger conference) and got to meet Dorie Greenspan and the Doristas, got to hang out with Sarah and Andrea. We took our kiddos on their first camping adventure in Beth and Grants backyard, Little Man got his first brackets for braces, and Bobby and I got to go to Josh and Liz's beautiful wedding. 
-October was girl scout camp, pumpkin patch, The Color Run, and another quick trip to Atlanta. Bobby dressed up as Thor, I was a unicorn, Little Man was Wolverine, and Munchkin was a mermaid being captured by a pirate for Halloween. 
-November: We drove 40 hours and got to hang out with my mom and dad, 2 sisters, 1 brother in law, and 1 niece and 1 nephew. 
-December: I go to go to a lovely ladies Christmas party, we have decorated and baked and now have opened all of the gifts. Bobby read to the kids from the Bible before we opened everything helping to remind them why we celebrate.
Whew! :)