Friday, November 15, 2013

National Bundt Cake Day - Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake- I Like Big Bundts

In case you didn't know, it is National Bundt Cake Day! My children have been running around gleefully yelling "butt" cake and using it as lyrics in all manner of songs. Mary over at Food Librarian has baked bundts leading up to this day for the last several years. A couple of years ago Jenn at Just Jenn Designs made pins for everyone that participated in the bundt round up that, appropriately, said "I like big bundts"!

Last time I participated I made a Milky Way Bundt cake. This year I looked in my pantry..if shelves attached to the wall leading to the basement can be called a pantry...and spotted a can of pumpkin. I remembered seeing a Pumpkin Bundt cake recipe on Jamie's blog, My Baking Addiction, and thought I would give that one a whirl. Make sure to click on the link in her post to make your own pumpkin pie spice as well!

Confession, I made this last night, not today, so I could take it to my daughter's girl scout meeting. They were having their bridging ceremony. I managed to grab plates but did not get forks. Good thing bundts are easy to eat with your hands.

Instead of cream cheese icing, you need cream cheese to make that and I didn't have it, I made white chocolate ganache. This is the easiest recipe ever! Make sure to head over to Mary's site and check out all of her bundt's under the "I Like Big Bundts" tab!

For the Cake:
Click My Baking Addiction

1 cup white chocolate chips (I used Ghiradelli)
1/4 cup heavy cream

Bring the heavy cream to a slight boil in a saucepan
Pour over chips
Let sit for several minutes
Stir and pour


  1. Where's the recipe for the cake?

  2. On Jamie's page. There is a link.

  3. Thanks for baking along with me again for I Like Big Bundts!!! This is such a lovely bundt and I love the white chocolate ganache idea! Perfection. - mary the food librarian