Monday, August 19, 2013

{Spam and Anchovies} Wild Cow Edition

Me, Denise Vanessa, Melissa, Sara, Beth, Becca, and Leanne
I love these ladies! :) It has been a couple of months since I have had the opportunity to eat and laugh with this hilarious group of women. Of course this month I was available but my hubs and I decided it would be a good idea to do Whole30.(It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways)...30 days of meat, veggies, fruit, seeds and nuts, and healthy fats. After thinking about a theme to go with Whole30 we decided on a vegetarian restaurant. It is summer time so everyone was all about going out to dinner. You would think I could find all kinds of great stuff to eat at a vegetarian restaurant but I ended up cheating quite a bit that night (I have done well the rest of the month).  

Our adventure began when we all had to look for parking. East Nashville is hipstery and trendy and cool but parking is not easy. After driving around for awhile I finally found a spot next to a building that looked suspiciously like a triplex. I was a little worried that I would come out after dinner and my car would be gone. Alas, all was good and I was able to drive away at the end of the evening. 

Beth and her sweet mother in law, Denise, got to The Wild Cow first and put our names in. It was perfect timing as everyone arrived just as we got to go in. Sara had popped a tire and was on the phone trying to get it fixed but joined us quickly. She was the only one of us who had been to the restaurant before and we were all excited to hear what she though about some of the different dishes. 
 As we were ordering all of our delicious sounding dishes we exchanged concerns about our servers extremely unkempt beard. We were a little weirded out that it was so bushy. It may have been Melissa that wanted to offer him a hairnet. I did order Kombucha because that is something that I can have on Whole30. Unfortunately it never came as they were out. I ended up with unsweet raspberry ice tea which was quite tasty. Each and every one of our meals were delicious. A couple of ladies joked they were going to go across the street to Rose Pepper Cantina. But, the point of cooking club is that we try new things so everyone stuck around and ate vegetarian food. :) We did have quite the range of dishes. I had Beans and Greens which was garlicky kale, pinto beans and garlic aioli over brown rice. I added the avocado and was glad I did. I have to admit I woke up with garlic coming out of my pores.

The Wild Cow has a cool vibe for the area. The servers wear slouchy hats and shirts with the sleeves ripped off. You can see their tattoos and nose rings. They even have cuddly pictures of cows, ducks, and chickens on the walls. You are not eating them so it is fun to see them. We did think it was funny though that some of our conversation was concentrated on which burger places are the best around town. It was a fun place to go but it was really loud in there.
At the end of dinner and post check payage Leanne and Vanessa had a little bit of backwash water and adult beverage left over so they chugged to finish their drinks off. I am not sure who won but Leanne is giving thumbs up to Vanessa. Crazy ladies.

We thought about leaving the Wild Cow and heading over to Jeni's for ice cream but the line was out the door. We just stood around for a little but longer chatting in what could have been a dance off circle, ended with a group hug and went our separate ways. I think I may miss again next month as I am heading to the food blogger conference. Can't wait until October when I get to see all of these fun women again!

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