Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Visit with Grandma

Last week we had the pleasure and blessing of having Bobby's mom visit us! Skype and Google Hangouts are a great technological advance but it is not the same as seeing someone in person. You actually get to hug their necks and have face to face conversation.
One day while she was here we went to Centennial Park for Musician's Corner. The kids got to see Gnash from the Predators, we listened to live music, and each got food from the food trucks. By far, the most popular food truck was The Grilled Cheeserie. Mom got her sandwich there and we both got peach ice tea from them. Bobby and Munchkin got wraps from Wrapper's Delight. Little Man got a slice of New York Pizza from Joey's House of Pizza, and I got chicken and waffles from The Waffle Boss. Everyone was satisfied with what they got.

Anytime there is live music there is always that one person that gives in to the music more than everyone else. They dance like no one is watching. :)

On another day we went to the Red Bicycle Coffee and Crepes for lunch followed by a trip to the Ryman. In all the years we have lived in Tennessee I had never been to this venue. I have considered getting tickets for different shows but it just hasn't happened yet. It was so fun to tour the venue and see the different displays they had posted around the building. They have one section of the old balcony where the paint has been stripped away so you can see some old stenciling that wasn't recorded in the history of the building. It was pretty nifty to stand on the stage where so many legends have stood before! :)
For the most part we hung out and talked, played games like headbanz and spoons, and just enjoyed each others company. The last night Mom was here she hung out with the kids while Bobby and I went on a movie date. We don't go out all that often because it is so expensive! We were thankful for a little date while our kiddos got some quality time with their Grandma!
Now we need to make sure it is not another 3-4 years before we see each other in person again! That was far too long! Love you mom! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Karen, I don't think I knew you live in TN or if I knew I forgot! We're from Memphis but have been in Oklahoma so long we feel like Okies:) Family time is the best!

  2. Karen, Love all your great photo…so nice to see how much fun your kids are having with their grandma! Family time is a blessing!