Saturday, July 06, 2013

Independence Day 2013

This year 4th of July came with a whole lot of rain! We grilled out the day before when it was nice so we didn't have plans aside from checking out the fireworks at a local shopping area. However, our parade was rained out and the decision was made to postpone those fireworks until the 5th.

We hadn't even bought any fireworks yet to set off with our kiddos. That was soon remedied though as we crossed county lines in search of our very own pyrotechnic stash. We dashed from our car through the monsoon to the striped tent that was beckoning to us from the side of the road. We spent a whole $25 on fireworks we thought our kiddos would enjoy. And enjoy they did! :)

We didn't even get sparklers last year because it was so dry we didn't want to take any chances.
We were not sure we were going to get a chance to set off the fountains or other bigger fireworks because the rain kept coming. We finally decided to do the monster poppers (you know, the ones the kids like to throw at each others feet and they make a nice loud pop) and a few sparklers on the porch. Our kiddos loved these but we discovered quickly that the green sparklers may have had an initial green flame but they were duds overall.
We live in a really cool, vibey neighborhood most of the time. The one exception seems to be around the 4th of July when I need to remember to ignore the neighborhood facebook page. There are just a couple of people who make the worst comments and seem to hate everyone. I haven't even met the people that make the comments but I take things really personally and get upset about it. As soon as the first firework goes off there is whining and bellyaching and general stereotyping. From the few come the phrases: redneck, drunks, drug addicts, welfare recipients who do not buy insurance but buy alcohol and fireworks, animal haters, and idiots. I totally get being frustrated with the people shooting off the giant fireworks right over houses and the people still shooting them off after midnight.

If you were to go out and watch in the earlier evening when the comments start you would see families in large concrete parking lots. You would also see them cleaning up after themselves when they were done. You would see families creating memories and celebrating the freedom to do just that. I talk to my students often about personal responsibility and you can see the people who are teaching it to their children.

So on that note here are my rules for enjoying future Independence Days:
1. Ignore all neighborhood commentary from July 1st - 10th.
2. Continue to do all of the fun things that we do as a family to celebrate.
3. Continue to teach my children about safety and personal responsibility
4. Have fun. :)
It probably took us about 20 minutes to set off all of our fireworks. That was a good things as it started to sprinkle again. Even though the fireworks had been postponed in one area we were still able to make the drive down to Nashville to check out the display there. The symphony was supposed to perform but they ended up using a recording of the performance instead. I don't blame them, I wouldn't want to play my flute in a monsoon either. We thought about parking by Cumberland Park but ended up in a church parking lot. It was a pretty good location and if we had crossed the road we wouldn't have had wires in the way. In past years I have been able to capture some pretty good fireworks pictures..this year..not so much. My favorite though is of my daughter sitting on my husband's lap watching the show. Just a few minutes before my son had been sitting on my lap and I kept wondering how many more 4th's of July will our kiddos want to sit on our laps? It was a sweet moment with our quickly growing babies.

I love Independence day (and so does my hubs)! The family time, the fireworks, the BBQ's, and teaching our kiddos why we celebrate with "bombs bursting in air". I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July!! :)

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  1. I think your fireworks pictures are very pretty! Wish we could have been there with you, but we're glad you had a good time. Love you all.