Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nashville Confession

In Nashville there is kind of an unwritten code: Don't bug the celebrities. I have seen Sheryl Crow at the Cheesecake Factory (I kicked my husband under the table but just smiled), got to go to Micheal W. Smith's house way back when my husbands band was on the same record label, and have been on a cruise with Big Daddy Weave. My mom and I even saw Dixie Carter at Opryland once. My mom was much more excited than me but I know how excited she was. I don't typically feel that I get all that starstruck.

Well...I broke the rule. There was a celeb at the same place I was and I couldn't help myself. When your daughter, at age 2, is saying "I'm Miss Independent" and loves to sing along to songs you want your now ten year old to meet her.

I will admit, I feel kind of bad about breaking the rule because I know she was in town for CMAfest and was just hanging out running errands. However, she was so gracious when we asked if we could snap a quick pic. Someone with her even offered to take the picture. So, this was the first picture on my brand new Razr M! That is one way to break in a new phone. My sweet girl was so nervous to meet someone she had been listening to for her entire life but was so excited too.

If you visit Nashville, don't bug the celebs. It is not Hollywood and they are just living their lives. I will have to remind myself of that the next time so I don't feel bad about breaking the unspoken rules.

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