Friday, June 28, 2013

{FFWD} Socca from Vieux Nice

Another week of summer vacation has come and gone. It has been nice not to pack the dreaded school lunch but my kiddos ask for snacks on a regular basis. If they want fruits or vegetables they do not have to ask..unless it is the cherries I bought for a recipe. If it is granola bars and cheese puffs they have to ask for those.

I have had a crazy teaching schedule this week so this got put on the back burner until snack time! :)

I have to say I have never been a fan of Whole Foods because things are expensive at that store. Not to mention it is quite a drive from my house. However, I think I am in love with their bulk section! I was able to get 1 cup of semolina flour...I know, I know it was supposed chickpea flour but after a search of good ol' Google it looked like they could be used interchangeably...and I was able to get the wheatberries for an upcoming recipes for very inexpensive! I think I spent $1.99 on wheatberries instead of $10 for an entire bag.

Anyway, I whipped up the batter for this Socca this morning and left it for a couple of hours like the recipe stated. I was on top if it this morning! ;) There are very few ingredients in this recipe: chickpea flour (or semolina in my case), water, olive oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary.

I had to heat the oven to 500 degrees and let the pans get hot, add oil to the pans and heat more, then add the batter to the pans to cook. I have actually set my oven on fire more than once so when my kids started asking if smoke was supposed to be coming out of the oven I had to open it and make sure I didn't need my baking soda handy to put out another fire (once was olive oil, once was a rouge piece of monkey bread that had escaped the bundt pan). All was well though and it was just the olive oil smoking.

I am guessing it was because I did not use the right kind of flour but this was thicker than crepe batter. That was ok though because once it was out of the oven both kids were at my elbow saying they were hungry. My daughter is a big fan of making her own white sauce and likes to put rosemary in it. If you have been to Macaroni Grill and had the bread that bring to your table at the beginning, that is what this bread tasted like. I can tell you it was a win in our house because my kiddos didn't even leave any for their daddy to try!

Next week is Wheat Berry and Tuna (:-p) salad. I think that is going to get made with chicken instead. Make sure to check out how other bakers and cooks from around the world like this recipe this week by clicking here.


  1. My kids would be laughing if I set off the fire alarm yet again cooking... glad they liked it mine didn't come out as well and they were not thrilled.

  2. Glad your kids liked this one!

  3. I loved it when the kids are out for the summer - it makes the mornings so much easier.

    Glad you survived your socca experience :-)

  4. I always enjoyed having my kids home for the summer…especially in the beginning…then I couldn’t wait for September. It’s nice your kids enjoyed this. It was a hit in my house!

  5. This one did make the oven smoke. Glad to hear the kids liked it. They have adventurous palettes!

  6. So glad your family enjoyed...and nice to know you can sub semolina flour :)

  7. I passed on this one but think I would have liked your chicken version!