Saturday, June 01, 2013

{FFWD} Anne Le Blanc´s Pistachio Avocado

So, my last post was about our insane May craziness. I bought bread to make the Coupetade (French Toast Bread Pudding), Little Man and I made peanut butter fudge for Food Revolution Day, and the asparagus is still sitting in my fridge for the  Asparagus Soup. I planned on taking my avocado on a trip to share with a friend but discovered (before we left) that she doesn't like avocado, so I left it at home. I bought walnut oil because I couldn't find pistachio oil but finally decided to make my own pistachio oil.

You would think a recipe with 4 ingredients would be the easiest thing in the world, and once I had all of the ingredients it was. All that was required for this recipe was an avocado, lemon juice to keep the avocado from turning brown, pistachio oil, and sea salt. I think I procrastinated on this a little bit because I wasn't sure how you were supposed to actually eat it. I also knew that my hubs would not eat it. He did try the oil with the pita chips though. :)

I made the pistachio oil by shelling the pistachios, spinning them in the food processor, warming up olive oil, adding that to the pistachios and then spinning it in the food processor again. I then strained it into a small mason jar.

After adding a splash of lemon juice to the avocado I filled the hollow with pistachio oil and served it with pita chips. I had half and my adventurous daughter ate half. She just got braces though so she ate her half sans pita chips. I really, really liked this a lot and I am glad that I took the time to make the pistachio oil. I am guessing walnut would have been ok as well but I do actually like pistachios more that walnuts (walnuts in brownies = yuck).

If you are recipe-challenged this is a good one to try. Don't forget to check out the LYL to see how other French Friday's with Dorie cooks liked this tasty treat!


  1. This is a perfect recipe for a busy life, once you've got the pistachio oil and the avocado, that is. Hope the busy-ness is fading away a little!

  2. This was a quick recipe but also something very satisfying about it. I'm glad you made your own pistachio oil and liked it. It was definitely a revelation for me.

  3. Aye - I was immensely grateful for an easy one this week!
    Learning how to make the pistachio oil was the "golden nugget" from this non-recipe.

  4. Had to chuckle (and relate) at your description of life and planning for FFWD. I seem to be juggling a bit too but luckily have Nana doing her recipes days before I have even gone grocery she shares her spitfalls. This was pretty straight forward, thankfully, and I enjoyed making the homemade oil. I am also VERY curious now to try the real stuff. Some day.......

  5. You're right. This was easy once all the ingredients were at hand. I really liked the homemade pistachio oil. I also love the idea of serving this with pita chips. I love pita chips. Do you have Stacy's brand where you live? They are the best.

  6. Betsy, we used the Stacy Pita chips for this. Soo good!

  7. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Love the name of your blog! I can totally relate :)
    Would have loved to try the pistachio oil, sounds delicious.