Saturday, June 15, 2013

All About Food and Music

So excited!
Yesterday was all about food and music...OK, we will include a few books as well. Little man has been asking for crawfish (how do you say that word? I say craw-fish) for the last week. Ever since my hubster took him to Louisiana and he had his first crawfish boil experience he has wanted more. He actually asked for crawfish for his birthday party. We Googled (isn't that how you research these days?) For a place in Tennessee and found Bros Cajun Cuisine. Turns out Guy Fieri has been there and ate pork chops. So, we decided to try it out for lunch.

 I did call ahead to make sure they actually had crawfish. Before we could go to lunch though we had to do the inevitable grocery shopping trip. I am behind on my French Fridays with Dorie recipe but I did get black olive tapenade while we were out yesterday. It was the first day my girl got to hang out with us on summer break as she had been at band day camp since school got out ( my little 5th moving to 6th grader earned 3rd chair in the advanced band!). After putting ALL of the groceries away (yes, it was one of "those" trips) we were finally able to head to downtown Nashville.

After driving around in the wrong direction we figured out where we were going and made it to Bros. Here I have to say I am quite the spice wimp and going to a Cajun place is not high on my priority list. It is not that I don't like spice, it doesn't like me. After asking what was not spicy, at a Cajun restaurant, I ended up ordering jambalaya. It came with a salad and cornbread. (If I had seen the above video before we went I would have ordered the pork chop.) Munchkin and I shared but she wasn't thrilled with how spicy the jambalaya was so she stuck mostly with salad. Bobby got fried shrimp with potatoes. It was supposed to come with green beans but those never made it to the table. Little man ordered a pound of crawfish and was thrilled when he got it! Bobby had to help him peel most of it but the joy little man had in that meal was priceless! Overall our experience at Bros was good. The servers were extra friendly and were happy to get anything you asked for....except green beans. If you are looking for crawfish in the Nashville area I highly recommend you head to Bros!

Something is looking at me!
Since we needed to leave for Murfreesboro from downtown at 4:30 there was absolutely no sense in us driving all the way home just to turn back around. We are pretty good at entertaining ourselves and finding fun things to do downtown. While at lunch we had joked about getting cupcakes to quench the Cajun burn so the kids and I decided we would go to the Cupcake Collection in Germantown, but first we went to the public library. Did you know you can park at the library for free for an hour and a half if you get your ticket validated? This is quite handy when you go to an event at the library. We hung out and looked for books that were on the grade level lists the library provided. Little man was so excited to look around the giant library for authors on his list. We also checked out several CDs. Fun stuff.

Once we checked out we made a beeline for the Cupcake Collection. On our way we passed what used to be The Cocoa Tree chocolate shop. It now has a red door instead of blue and is called The Red Bicycle Coffee and Crêpes. We made some comments about how that would be fun to try out sometime and turned the corner. To our dismay the Cupcake Collection was sporting a giant SOLD OUT sign. It was late in Friday afternoon but still a little disappointing. However, that meant we got to try The Red Bicycle!
Boo! Sold Out!

The Red Bicycle has a fun vibey feel to it! Lots of canvas prints on the walls, lots of fun paint details, and plenty of crêpes to choose from. An aside: way back when Bobby and I had been married just a year, for Valentines day we stayed at The Artist Inn in Pasadena and ate at Wild Thyme restaurant. We had a strawberry and nutella crêpe for dessert that was so delicious that here I am talking about it 14 years later. Yesterday, my kiddos and I chose to share a caramel apple crêpe, you get rid of the spiciness from lunch. ;) My children devoured every last bite of that crêpe! My frozen raspberry mocha was quite tasty too! 

The Red Bicycle
On our way out the door we interrupted a conference call about movie production...because it was taking place one foot from the door. If you insist on having a conference call in a public place at least move away from where foot traffic will bother you and then refrain from giving dirty looks to people on summer vacation who are trying their best not to bug you.

Next stop, on our rather eventful day, Jozoara Coffeehouse in Murfreesboro. Bobby as been in a band called Salient for quite a few years but this event was much less rock and roll and much more acoustically driven. A band called Threshing Floor opened Jozoarapalooza. It was fun to see them for the first time in an acoustic environment but I think I would like to see them play a rock show at some point.

We are silly

Next up was billed as Mark Duckworth. This is where things get a little family reunionish. Melissa (Mark's wife and my Spam and Anchovies cooking club buddy) sang with Mark and their harmonies were beautiful. Bobby played acoustic guitar. And Josh, who played for salient years ago, played percussion. So fun to see all of them play together! I love getting to see my husband play guitar. He truly loves it and you can see it when he plays! My son, of course, waited until they started playing to tell me he had to go to the bathroom. Yes, I asked him 10 minutes before and no, he didn't have yo go then.
Mark Duckworth with Melissa, Bobby, Josh, and Chris
The last band of the evening was Penny Rae. If you haven't had a chance to check them out you absolutely should! They are very close to recouping their album costs so check then out and buy an album! I think one of my favorite songs was more country than their other songs. Andrew, guitar player and singer, also played in Salient years ago.. I was pregnant with my now 9 year old when we met. His wife Vanessa is another one of my cooking club buddies. Josh, who played in Salient and with Mark, Melissa, and Bobby, also played for Penny Rae along with his fiancé, Liz, who played keyboards. Liz is Nate Dodd's sister and plays piano and bass with Nate and Bobby on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Did you get all of that?
Penny Rae

Along with listening to music my kiddos played chutes and ladders and banana grams. They entertained themselves by making sentences and song lyrics out of the tiles. 

Karen Reinsch
By my sweet daughter.

Once all the music was over we decided to grab something to eat. Smashburger was still open and we hadn't been there before so that is where we went. My small burger with cheddar, lettuce, and avocado and my sweet potato smash fries (tossed in rosemary, olive oil, and garlic) were delicious. Munchkin had chili cheese fries, little man had chicken strips, and my hubster had a BBQ bacon cheeseburger. We were all quite pleased with our choices. What's that you say? Burgers can actually be tasty?
As you can see our day centered around music and food. Not a bad way to spend a day! Now, we are off to Bell Buckle for the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival.... so another day of music and food. ;)
Me, Melissa, Vanessa, Leanne, and Becca
Just as an added note, I was attempting to write this on the blogger app on my phone. It worked pretty well but I think I will keep that in my pocket for shorter posts. In the time it took to write and edit this post my kiddos came upstairs in aprons and gave us homemade menus. They made orange rolls and brought us sourdough bread to snack on while the rolls were baking. We could even choose sides like watermelon, apples, and oranges. Can we do this every Saturday? It as a full service breakfast in bed!

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