May Craziness

It is May and that means the end of the school year around here. It has been a crazy month with teaching at the college, teaching flute, and trying to make it to all of the end of the school year events. Not to mention my hubs went out for town for 9 days to attend the Google I/O conference so our kiddos and I were on our own for a few days.

Munchkin played Call Me Maybe on French Horn at the middle school talent show. She also was inducted into the Beta Club. Tonight is her last Girl Scout meeting of the year, and she played soccer on Mondays for the last month. Yesterday was her awards ceremony and she racked up the awards. She got everything from band and student council awards to highest gpa in math, science, literacy, and social studies (with the other kids that got highest gpa). Not to mention her number was picked first out of a drawing and she won an iPad mini! Crazy girl. Oh yeah, and she got braces this week. We are proud of our hard working girl!

Little Man has been playing soccer, had field day at school, got to go on a field trip to Traveller's Rest, had his class picnic, and went to a birthday party at the park. He had impressions done for the appliance he is getting placed next week in his mouth, has been playing outside every afternoon that it is not raining or that he doesn't have homework and is excited to almost be done with 2nd grade. We had his IEP meeting recently as well and got some new accommodations for testing and writing and all kinds of good stuff that will be beneficial to him as a student. I didn't get to go to his awards ceremony either but Bobby got to and sent me a picture. Little Man got the Citizenship trophy!!! He is such a good boy at school and a good friend! He works so hard and we are so proud of him!

Both kids were also in the play Spend Awhile on the Nile at church this month. The play was actually written by a friend of ours from college, Christie Semsen. The kids had so much fun preparing for the play and learning all of the songs.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Now on to the long days of summer adventure!