Friday, May 03, 2013

{FFWD} Creamy Mushrooms and Eggs

Are you someone who struggles with tastes or textures? Do you cringe if your food touches? If so you might not like this dish. However, if you are willing to try new things, even if it makes your tum a little jittery, you might find that this quick little dish an enticing treat. 

This was a dish that Dorie whipped up before some guests arrived one time. She only had white mushrooms at the time but said that it would be delicious with a variety of types. Since I glanced at the recipe before leaving for the grocery store I only purchased Baby Bellas. Since mushrooms are one of the 4 foods I do not usually choose to consume (the others are black olives, tuna, and cottage cheese)  it didn't really matter to me what kind went into this dish. 

A fun new venture in this recipe was poaching eggs (Ruffly Poached Eggs to be exact). I ate a poached egg in Eggs Benedict once on a cruise but had never before attempted to make them myself. What do you do when you only have press and seal saran wrap and your crafty children have absconded with your kitchen twine? You wrap the top of a snack size zip lock bag with camouflage duct tape of course! I think I have lived in the south too long...feeling a little rednecky...or is that McGyver-y? 
This came together pretty quickly. First I started the water for the eggs. Once the water was almost boiling I tossed the eggs into the water. When you look at the pics you might notice no runny yolks make an appearance. I let them go a little long on purpose so they were really more like a soft boiled egg rather than poached. I do not have a family that is fond of runny yolks. Once the eggs were in the water I started the garlic and shallots in butter and olive oil.  (The recipe did not call for garlic but I added it anyway...shh!) The mushrooms were added next and I was amazed by how much they shrank. I added the heavy cream (a little extra so the sauce would be extra saucy) and let it boil. I convinced Munchkin to make some toast for me as the base. She did great with the first two pieces but the second two were too light. I toasted them again and burned them. The dog was happy. At the end I added in some was supposed to be fresh but I didn't buy any so dried had to suffice.

I do have to admit I almost committed an act of thievery in preparing this dish. The recipe called for fresh mint and my next door neighbor just showed me her chocolate mint plant yesterday! But alas, I just left the mint out and thought maybe I should ask before pillaging my sweet neighbor's garden.

My hubs and I stood in the kitchen as we ate this. His aversion was the slightly wobbly egg and mine was the plethora of mushrooms. Part of the reason for standing in the kitchen was so that our kiddos could not see our reaction to our first bite of Creamy Mushrooms and Eggs. I have to admit I was completely surprised by this. There was, of course, a very strong mushroom taste to it but the rosemary and garlic made it quite tasty. My hubs said that it actually tasted really good it was just getting over the texture. From the other room Munchkin said "Can you make this again tomorrow, only without the bread"? Little Man also did not like the bread. He did eat some of the mushrooms and a couple of bites of egg. I made him eat a banana though since not much made it past his lips.

All and all a win in our house! Make sure to check out the other cooks around the world and how they did with this recipe this week.


  1. I'll have to try this again with rosemary instead of chives next time!

  2. This dish is a bit too sophisticated for most kids…it’s the mushrooms. I really don’t think my grands would have eaten them. However, I loved it…a big hit in our house. I found the runny egg mixing with the creamy sauce to be heavenly.
    Loved your idea for cooking the eggs! Nice dish!

  3. I"im trying to decide if I would ever go to the trouble to poach eggs this way? I just poach them in their shells. Its called soft boiled eggs and the edges come out all lovely and rounded. Like eggs! They do look pretty though.. but what trouble!

  4. I don't eat cottage cheese either. I can't even look at it, to be honest, though the other foods on your list are some of my favorites. I give you credit for trying this one. I saw that some people used other vegetables, like spinach and asparagus. Maybe try that next time? Have a great weekend.

  5. I'd go with McGyvery.

    That's great that your kids were (mostly) okay with this dish and that it worked for the adults, too. This group has run up against some of my food aversions (runny eggs being one of them) and it's been great to challenge myself a little.

  6. Your dish looks wonderful! Love that you two tasted it first in the kitchen! I'm afraid I loved every part of this, so no stealth was required, but what a cute image.

  7. Duct tape IS the miracle product, isn't it?
    We have had a few recipes like that - its always an adventure :-)