Friday, April 19, 2013

{FFWD} Financiers and Cod and Spinach Roulades

Welcome back to another edition of French Fridays with Dorie. Surprise, surprise, I am running late on posting. Last week's recipe was Financiers which sounds like they should be in a bank. Dorie even describes them as little golden nuggets. I baked mine in a mini bundt pan though so they were bigger than a golden least bigger than any golden nugget I have ever seen. :)

The Financiers got favorable reviews from my family. No surprise there since to me they tasted quite a bit like Swedish Visiting Cake. My kiddos were thrilled to take these tender little cakes in their lunches for the next couple of days. Many bakers added a little treat like fresh fruit inside and I think I will do the same if I make them again. Bobby said a drizzle of chocolate on top would be good too. I am inclined to agree. :)

This week's recipes was Cod and Spinach Roulades. A roulade is:

A dish cooked or served in the form of a roll, typically made from a flat piece of meat, fish, or sponge cake, spread with a soft...
A florid passage of runs in classical music for a solo virtuoso, esp. one sung to one syllable. (

Obviously this dish falls under the first category. One of the items needed for this was preserved lemons. I could have made them myself but it would have taken several weeks. So off I went on another journey to find an ingredient. There is a high end area in Middle Tennessee called Green Hills. I have a love hate relationship with that hoity toity area. I love the stores: Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Pei Wei, Godiva. I despise the traffic. If I am going down there I have to make sure I have other things to do so I only have to go once in awhile. Thankfully all of the stores I wanted to check were fairly close together. I checked Whole Foods and Trader Joes with no luck. I went into the mall to pick up my free monthly piece of chocolate from Godiva (oh yes you must go sign up right now) and then remembered Williams Sonoma was in the mall as well. As luck would have it I was able to find the lemons there! All in all it took me an hour to find preserved lemons, unlike the week and half I spent looking for rose extract. :)

I came home and started to put this recipe together. There are three parts: the optional sauce, the filling, and the fish. You can make the roulades up to 4 hours ahead of time and the sauce a day ahead of time. Once I got everything together I realized our school had a spirit night that included karaoke at a yogurt shop. So, my roulades spent the night in the fridge. I don't know if that was the problem with these or it I didn't process them long enough but my husband said it was a little like fish grits. All of us liked the sauce, my daughter really liked the fish and my little guy barely touched it. We all thought the roulades tasted good but the consistency left a lot to be desired. So, I am glad I made these (I got to use my awesome new steamer basket again) but they will probably not make another appearance. The sauce might. Now off I go to find some recipes that include preserved lemon. :) Don't forget to check out the LYL to see how other cooks liked this recipe.


  1. Your financiers look so pretty!

  2. Your financiers look lovely - they were good, weren't they. Good for you for going out and buying the preserved lemons - I made some an age ago, but otherwise would not have used them. Have a great weekend.

  3. Gorgeous financiers!!
    I didn’t bother buying the preserved lemons…I was the only one eating this dish! Yours looks delicious! I agree with you…I won’t be making them again!

  4. It certainly was a learning experience! I don't think I'd do it again either though. We just didn't enjoy it enough.

  5. I think it was a split vote week with the fish.
    Yur mini bundt version of the financiers is something I would love to see in my lunchbox too :-)

  6. I made a "quick" version of preserved lemons which only takes 3 hours to "preserve". I don't think that helped this dish though. It was definitely different. I'd rather have financiers!

  7. Love the shape of your financiers! I've yet to catch up on those.

    I wasn't a fan of the roulades - I would rather have left the fish intact, instead.