Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break 2013 and 4 Images

 It is spring break around these parts and we are not doing much. Last week we had lunch with friends at Chickfila. My sweet friend Beth and I spent 2 and half hours chatting and letting our far too large for the playground children play giants in the playground. I know, I know we were those moms. But, our kids are well behaved and don't go around knocking over tiny children on purpose. And if there had been little tiny kids in there we wouldn't have let them play in there anyway.

I have grand ideas of the things I would like to do on spring break like: head to the beach, fly to an exotic location, go to Disneyworld. But, alas, those things are not happening this spring break. My kiddos have been quite happy just staying home and playing together...for the most part. They are hoping for a blizzard. The snow flurries we have had the last day and half are just not cutting it.

I believe spring will be here soon!
 Last March June had an image a day challenge. This year she scaled back to 4 themes for the month and you could submit your images to her Art and Writing Facebook Page. The themes were: Practice, Inspiration, Belief, and Creativity. Thinking about the 4 themes was a little challenging to me but I think they stretched me and I think I got some fun pics to go along with each theme. This has also been part of my spring break fun. :)
The clouds inspired me to take this shot out of my window when I was stopped at a red light.

Practice makes perfect!

A simple shot of a blue jay in my tree that I got a little creative with.
Outside of sleeping in and staying in PJ's all day what do you do on spring break? I think we will have lunch with more friends this week. I also need to get a couple of runs in for half marathon training  Munchkin is practicing for solo and ensemble festival. Little man is playing with his toys and we are all reading a bunch. Maybe next spring break we will find someplace to put our toes in the sand. :)

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  1. Love your photos, especially the one of my granddaughter. Also really love the blue jay picture.