Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spam and Anchovies: Fulin's Edition

Beth, Leanne, me, and Vanessa

 As you know, I get together with some lovely ladies each month to cook. Well, cooking club really snuck up on all of us this month. There was some discussion about changing the format and trying out some new restaurants. When we started, way back in November of 2010 (Yes Vanessa, I had to go search my blog for that tidbit of information) we had everyone bring ingredients and we cooked the entire meal together. After about a year of that we decided we needed to be less hungry when we sat down to actually eat so we changed it to more of a pot luck format where the hostess chose the theme, selected the recipes, and made the main dish. Everyone else brought the rest of the dishes. Everyone seems extra busy now that it is 2013 hence the conversation about changing out format once again. It seems everyone is pretty happy with our current format but would be open to trying out some new restaurants as well. Since one of our lovely ladies was stuck peeing in a port a potty on a cub scout camping trip, two have infants, one was traveling, and one was home not feeling well, only four of us were left. So, since we were all in the mood for a little something of the Asian persuasion we decided to meet up at Fulin's Asian Cuisine.

Confession: I have never eaten good sushi so I am hesitant to actually try it. I did not try it last night either. Maybe next time. I got dumplings, Vanessa got chicken lettuce wraps, Leanne got sushi, and Beth got Kung Pao chicken. We pretty much closed the place down laughing and having a good time.

We missed all of our sweet ladies that were not with us last night and look forward to seeing all of them again next month. Maybe cooking club won't sneak up on us next month like it did this month. :)

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