Sunday, March 10, 2013

Girls Overnight

My sweet daughter is closer to 11 than 10. She goes to public school, and reads like crazy. Bobby bought the two of us a LivingSocial deal almost a year ago for an hour long horseback riding lesson. So, since we wanted to use our deal and because it was a good time to get away and talk about girl stuff we also booked a hotel room. We were specifically looking for a hotel with an indoor pool since I knew Munchkin would want to swim. All of the hotels with indoor pools were expensive and did not include free breakfast. That is until we stumbled on Drury Plaza Hotel in Cool Springs. Don't get me wrong, it was still more expensive than we would normally choose but it included an indoor/outdoor pool, free breakfast, and free dinner with adult beverages should you want them. I figured we would have spent the equivalent on breakfast and dinner with a cheaper hotel. Munchkin and I got to the hotel a little bit early and were able to check in a few minutes before 3. We raced to our room and switched to our swim suits right away. We spent the next hour swimming back and forth between indoor and outdoor, splashing, and having fun in the pool. When we were sufficiently tired out we headed back to the room to change, have some mommy and daughter heart to heart talk time, and to get ready for dinner. For our heart to heart time we also had popcorn and free soda provided by the hotel.

 Dinner included pasta, meatballs, baked potatoes, cheddar broccoli soup, and salad. It was all serve yourself but the staff made sure everything was well stocked and they were really attentive. They even came by and picked up plates. Not something you really expect when you serve yourself. One of the first things that Munchkin loved was the elevator. Last year we had a membership to the Chattanooga Aquarium and one of Munchkin's favorite rooms is the jellyfish room. The elevator reminded her of that because the mirrors let her see herself hundreds of times just like the jellyfish room.
After dinner we tried to find a movie to watch but landed on a couple of episodes of Full House. Munchkin asked if it was filmed in the 80's because "it really looked like it". We finally decided to turn off the lights and go to sleep...and then decided it was time to read for a bit. Reading lasted for a little while and then we crashed in the super comfy king size bed. Aside from a couple of elbows to the the giant bed...I slept well. 

In the morning we popped out of bed, packed up our bags, and headed down for breakfast. Munchkin was super excited to make her own waffle. I had some fresh made pancakes; the griddle was in the middle of everything so you could see them being made. I also had some scrambled eggs and grabbed a banana for later. Once breakfast was over it was time to head off to Crossroads Natural Horsemanship in Nolensville. We drove around twisty curves, saw cows and their calves, and finally found the gravel drive that led to the farm. We were greeted by two very sweet black labs that stuck around during the entire lesson. The lesson itself was really fun! We learned how to pick out hooves, brushed our horses, and learned how to saddle the horses. We also learned about the different types of saddles and some of the ways horses communicate. Josh Guin is the owner and was fantastic to learn from. We did stay in the ring while we rode but we spent some time trotting and getting our horses to do what we told them to. I would highly recommend checking out the lessons at his farm. He said Munchkin was a natural. She loves horses so I know she loved to hear that.

Munchkin and Josh, our teacher.
 You might be thinking this sounds like a perfect day and if it had ended here it would have been! It only got better as we were moved on from horseback riding to basketball. Munchkin's coach got tickets for her team to the Vanderbilt Men's game against South Carolina. We got there early and picked up our tickets and then had time to wander a little bit around the campus. Spring has definitely sprung around Vanderbilt!
 I had never been to a game at Memorial Gym and was pleasantly surprised by the set up. The floor is raised so you can see everything! Munchkin and I were able to stay until the first half was over. We then had to head out for a birthday party about 30 minutes away. We were a little bit late but just in time for cake! :)

 While Munchkin partied I went for a 2 mile walk/jog. I am training for the half marathon in April and have been nursing an injury for the last week and a half. I am pretty sore today after trying to ease back into training...I am hoping some of that is from the horseback riding though.

All in all this was a fantastic overnight with my sweet daughter. I highly recommend taking your child away when it is time to talk about everything. I hope that I am setting a solid foundation (and have been setting a foundation over the years) so any time she has questions she will come ask me. Now, I can't wait for the next time I get to take her on a mommy daughter overnight!


  1. You are a fantastic Mommy to my fantastic granddaughter!

  2. What a fun, special weekend! I think mothers and daughters should get weekends away even when we are grown ups!