Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{TWD: BWJ} French Apple Tart

This post was supposed to be posted way back on January 22nd. The same day I was putting together the Chicken Liver Gateau I was able to throw this together as well. Unfortunately for me I did not get to even taste this lovely tart. I chose the easy route and used jarred applesauce because I didn't have much time. It came together easily and I sent this off with my hubby and kiddos to a pot luck. My hubs said that it was delicious and that it disappeared quickly from the table.

Make sure to take a look at the LYL to see how other bakers around the world fared while baking this.

Also, make sure to check out Laws of the Kitchen as she hosted this recipe!


  1. Better late than never. ;) And what a good idea to use applesauce for a great, fast, fabulous dessert.

  2. Lovely. Too bad you did not get a taste of this delicious tart. Maybe there will be a next time?