Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spam and Anchovies Cajun Edition

In my last post I said I was a bad blogger. This post reinforces that fact exponentially.  Way, way, way back in the time known as August 2012 Spam and Anchovies got together for Cajun night at Leanne's house. Only 5 of us could make it but we ate like queens. :)  We had Jambalaya and Hurricanes provided by Leanne, BBQ Shrimp and Grits provided by Vanessa, Cornbread muffins and coffee provided by Anne, Beignets provided by Melissa D who couldn't be with us, and Sweet potatoes and and salad provided by Melissa R. I was supposed to bring a King Cake but didn't realize it is really bread and needed rise time. So, I brought New Orleans Praline Brownies instead.
Every bit of this food was delicious. One of our girls is allergic to shellfish so there was a version of the shrimp and grits that did not include shrimp. I was glad since I cannot eat shrimp either. Every time I try it makes me gag. Vanessa said her husband was glad that she was able to bring leftovers home. Somehow I didn't get in any of the photos. It could be the 1 hurricane I had that made me forget to take one. One of the favorite parts of the night was cooking the beignets. It was fun to see how they popped to the top of the oil! Thanks to Leanne for opening her home to us in August! :) We all enjoyed being there!
Melissa, Vanessa
Anne, Leanne

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