Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shoes and Customer Service

I am not a shoe aficionado.  I don't like to spend a lot of money on shoes and I wear my shoes until my toes are sticking out the sides. Well, I am committed to running the Country Music Half Marathon in April and my  3 year old Saucony running shoes were just not cutting it anymore. I ran 2 miles on Saturday and had the shin splints to prove it.

Today I had a couple of hours free so I decided to go look for some shoes. I had some Christmas money from my parents to spend and thought this would be a good way to burn a hole in my pocket. :)

I went into the first shoe store (Rack Room Shoes) where I was basically ignored until I asked where the running shoes were. The associate was helpful enough but really didn't seem to want to help me as they had to restock the store with January... I found one pair of shoes that I liked well enough and put them on hold.

Off I went to store number 2 (Lady Foot Locker). The sales associate was trolling facebook or something on her phone that was clearly more important than me...until I was a foot away from her. She then tried to sell me the most expensive pair of shoes in the store. A little frustrated, I took off for store number 3.

When I walked into The Finish Line the associate behind the counter greeted me, asked what kind of shoes I was looking for (running shoes), and my price range ($50-$60). He said "let me go in the back and get you several pairs to try on". I was able to try on 3 pairs and find 1 that was a perfect fit! I managed to walk out of the store with a pair of Nike Dual Fusion Running shoes in my price range and satisfied with the customer service I received.

The moral of the story is provide good customer service you will get my business!


  1. Customer service IS super important! Glad you found some shoes and glad they had some in the muted colors you like so much. ;-)

    I think they look very speedy and I am so impressed by your determination to do the marathon!

  2. We're glad you got something you really wanted and needed with your Christmas money. Good luck on the marathon! Love ya,
    Mom and Dad