Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Highlights


  • We had a snow day
  • I baked and cooked some new recipes
  • Bobby had a flat tire
  • Munchkin sold girl scout cookies
  • We had a tornado watch in the middle of the night
  • I spent time grading papers and teaching classes
  • We went to the circus
  • The kids and I met up with the Jacksons in Chattanooga to play at the Children's museum
  • A house down the street from us burned
  • We went to Chattanooga again to hang out with the Jacksons at the aquarium
  • Munchkin stayed home one day due to feeling puny
  • Kiddos made Pampered Chef pancakes all by themselves
  • We had comfort food cooking club at Anne's house
  • I went to a Lovely Ladies brunch in my neighborhood
  • Bobby and I left our kiddos with Mark and Melissa and drove to Austin for the wedding of Chelsea and Phillip. I started babysitting Chelsea when I was 12. I felt old. ;)
  • Yogurt Mountain opened near us and our kiddos were immediately in love!
  • Little Man pulled his very first card at school. We didn't even have to discipline him because he felt so bad about it on his own.
  • Little Man also told us about his girlfriend that he went on a date with on the playground. Yeah...he was 7 at that point in time.
  • We hung out with the Wolthers for the Superbowl. :)
  • The first Hunger Games movie came out so Bobby and I got a babysitter and went to the movie! At midnight.
  • We sold our trusty Honda Civic and purchased a Honda Element
  • I took the kiddos to Atlanta to hang out with Angela and her kiddos. We went to the World of Coke, the Olympic Fountain, and The Varsity.
  • I replaced a tire with a twisted belt so I wouldn't have a second blowout on the freeway
  • I did an image challenge with June Steckler that stretched my creativity
  • I made homemade pop tarts
  • Munchkin and I went to the 100th anniversary celebration for girl scouts, we also went to camp and got to ride horses
  • We grilled out with the Gustafsons in a thunderstorm
  • Little Man stayed home from school due to a fever. We made no bake cookies. :)
  • Munchkin ran the ING Kids marathon
  • Spam and Anchovies met at my house for Italian night
  • We went to a fundraiser for a new sign for our neighborhood. Munchkin wrote a song for it and sang it to several different groups. A writer in our neighborhood gave her high praise for her song!
  • I took Munchkin to the Pure in Heart conference
  • Bobby took Little Man out to fly a remote control plane that he built from scratch. They crashed it!
  • Little man had to deal with rotten kids about his speech. :(
  • We met up with our friends Christy, Dan, their boys and Eric Shouse. All were in town and are friends from APU. It was so fun to catch up with them at the Pancake Pantry.
  • Kiddos went to a Duckworth Star Wars birthday party
  • Bobby and I took the kiddos to the opening race at the fairgrounds
  • Bobby and I took the kiddos to the Smyrna airshow
  • We took the kiddos to the Memorial Day Ceremony in our neighborhood
  • Spam and Anchovies had Greek Night at Beth's house
  • There was a super moon this month!
  • I got to meet up with Amy from Amyruthbakes at Sweet 16th bakery
  • I posted portraits all month on my photo a day blog
  • Munchkin had final roll call for elementary school (tear jerker!)
  •  Munchkin also went to an end of the school year swim party. So fun!

  • Little Man got  A/B Honor Roll, best effort in science, and highest gpa in pe!
  • Munchkin received ribbons for the highest gpa in her class for reading, social studies and science. She got certificates for highest gpa in music, outstanding effort in pe, principals list, and was one of 4 kids to get the President's Education Award
  • Took a crazy, impromptu trip to Orange Beach to hang out with Bobby's brothers, Jon and Joe. We played in the gulf, saw a school of fish, bobby saw a sting ray and I am convinced I stepped on it, saw a school(?) of sting rays, saw mussels burying themselves in the sand, and, the coolest animal sighting of the day, a 3-4 foot shark about 20 feet off the coast in less than 3 feet of water.

  • I went to the funeral of a friend, mentor, and colleague
  • We played trivia with the Gus crew at a Mexican restaurant 
  • One of the sweet teachers from our elementary school passed away. It was a sad time but it was a good time to talk about how we only have 1 life...not 5 like on Mario Bros.
  • Bobby went to see Avengers at midnight with our friend Grant
  • Took the kiddos to the Science Center to see the Venus Transit
  • Little Man turned 8 and we had a party at Hobby Lobby for Men. I made a Thor hammer cake! We also went to the library that day and then went to a Sounds game.
  • APU Saints came and sang at a tiny Methodist church near us so we got to go see them
  • Bobby's dad came to visit and we took at trip to Pharmacy Burger in East Nashville
  • Summer was horribly hot.
  • I took Bobby's dad and my kiddos to the Frist
  • We had Munchkin's birthday party a little early at the Drive In. We saw Brave and had a picnic dinner. She requested Chocolate Covered Strawberry cake. It was tasty!
  • Munchkin fell rollerskating and we thought she broke her arm...just bruised
  • Kiddos went to Vivid Camp. Music and Environmental were the focuses
  • Kiddos also went to SKY VBS
  • Went to Chili's for Fathers Day
  • Munchkin was on a swing that broke and the chain smacked her finger...bruised.
  • We took the kiddos to Sara and Travis's sweet girl's birthday party
  • Went swimming with Beth and her boys and found a snake
  • Bobby won the grand prize from WSIX 98 so we got 4 nights in a suite at the CMA festival. Night one I was teaching so he took Munchkin. Night 2 he and I went and met Jana Kramer. Night 3 I took Munchkin. Night 4 I took Little Man. So fun!
  • Little Man had an MRI due to frequent headaches. No changes from his initial diagnosis
  • Munchkin turned 10
  • I made hazelnut biscotti
  • We got some sweet new neighbors
  • We watched the Olympics
  • Angela and her kiddos came up to visit. We hit up a water play bounce activity and got to see Salient play at a back to school event at a local church
  • Munchkin and her bff made Chewbacca cupcakes all by themselves
  • Took Little Man to the Wrapper's Delight food truck
  • Go to see our friends Bryan and Aly and their sweet baby boy on our way to our family reunion
  • Hung out with our fun family at the reunion
  • Went to Cops and Donuts donut shop with my grandpa
  • Went to Frankenmuth in Michigan
  • Saw our sweet friends Jen and Don and their cute kiddos on our way home from the reunion.
  • Munchkin ran around a revolving door like she was in the movie Elf. She missed the doorway and ended up with an ice pack on her head for the remainder of our ride home from Cincinnati
  • Kiddos went to VBS at the local Nazarene Church
  • Starbucks had free energy drinks...they were not good.
  • Kiddos and I dressed up like cows to get free food at Chickfila
  • Munchkin started 5th grade and middle school
  • Little Man started 2nd grade
  • I made a Julia Childs dinner in honor of her 100th birthday
  • Little Man and our friend that rides home with us got to check out a Golden Orb Weaver up close
  • Left the phone at home and taught the kiddos how to jump off a swing
  • Kiddos started the soccer season
  • Munchkin and Little Man made Yoda cupcakes
  • Bobby and I took the kiddos on a walk in the greenway. We let them bring their scooters but Bobby still ended up carrying Little Man part of the way.
  • Spam and Anchovies had Cajun night at Leanne's house. I took pictures and didn't blog...lame. The night was really fun though with delicious food!
  • Munchkin started playing French Horn, joined FCA, and was voted onto student council
  • Droid smashed
  • Started teaching flute again
  • I made Nectarine Chiffon Upside Down Cake
  • Started going to a Bible study in my neighborhood
  • Turned 38
  • Bought a new mattress and box spring for Munchkins room
  • Chose a photo for the community art show at the new coffee shop in my neighborhood
  • Went to See You at the Pole at both the elementary school and the middle school
  • Bobby and I took the kids on a mini hike to a waterfall
  • The middle school put on a family night at the roller rink. It was all fun and games until Little Man got kicked in the face. We stopped at Steak and Shake on the way home and a shake seemed to help.
  • Spam and Anchovies met at Urban Grub for dinner
  • Ran the Nashville Color Run with Vanessa and Beth
  • My mom and dad came to visit. We went to Centennial park to take family pictures. We also visited Louisville, KY. We went to Glass works, the Louisville Slugger Museum, and Churchhill Downs. The first hotel we went to was horrible!
  • For Halloween Munchkin was Rapunzel, Little Man was the lizard guy from Spiderman, Bobby was Thor, and I was the crazy cat lady
  • I made 100 cupcakes for an FCA event
  • My dishwasher broke
  • Salient played at a local Harvest Fest
  • I made cheesecake for one of my classes
  • We got family pictures taken by a friend
  • A storm rolled through with lots of lightning. I stopped and caught a few bolts on camera!
  • There was a really foggy morning
  • I made jicama fries
  • We started attending Roots. It is a more contemporary service at the Methodist church in our neighborhood
  • We had Thanksgiving dinner with some neighbors and friends at the new neighborhood coffee shop
  • Went and saw Twilight
  • Went to Melissa's for Spam and Anchovies. We had pizza and started a movie but then moved onto lots of fun/hilarious conversation
  • Went to the Rennaisance Center with Munchkin and Encore
  • Bobby played with our friend Andrew Adams at River Oaks Community Church
  • Little man went to his first sleepover party
  • Bobby and I voted in the presidential election
  • We went to Chattanooga to hang out with the Jackson's one more time before our aquarium passes expired. It was the weekend of the second largest regatta in the country. We watched the crews for a little while, walked across the bridge to let the kids ride the carousel and play at the park, and went to the aquarium. 
  • Had a lovely visit from Bobby's brother Jon and Nurse Courtney
  • Went to see the Rockettes
  • Went to Melissa's baby shower
  • Bobby played with a band called Dirt Pies and Daisies
  • We have a visit coming up from Bobby's other brother and sister in law, Joe and  Rox
  • We are going to the Music City Bowl
  • We had a nice quiet Christmas as home.
  • We went to Munchkins first ever band concert, she went to her first ever dance
  • We decorated for Christmas and our block won for best block. Our next door neighbor won the Griswold award from the neighborhood association
  • We have new years and a whole new set of memories to make

I was trying to think back over this year and remember all we had done. It is fun for me to have some highlights from the year all in one place! :) I hope you have enjoyed this post (if you got through the entire thing) as much as I have. Also, not to self. o not post while half asleep....

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