Thursday, October 25, 2012

Color Run Nashville 2012

Once upon a time and long ago I was a runner...not really. I have never really been a runner. I did train for the Los Angeles Marathon and even got up to the point where I could run 8 miles. However, I went home for Christmas break, it was cold, no one would run with me and I got off track. I sold my ticket to a friend who ran the marathon in my place. (She don't tell anyone! I think that it is now against the rules to do was at least 16 years ago anyway...)

Fast forward to about 7 years ago. Bobby and I walked a 5K for the Baptist Children's Home. It was fun. Munchkin ran with us and Little Man rode in the stroller. Aside from walking my neighborhood with my friend Sharon I have not been a runner since then. 
Several months ago at a Spam and Anchovies gathering (it may have been Greek night) Vanessa mentioned she was going to sign up for the Color Run.She told us you get covered in colors and that it is a lot of fun. I started to think about it, Beth started to think about it. Another sweet lady named LaRae started to think about it. If you run with a team your fee is smaller so Beth and I signed up with LaRae and Devoted Fitness.

Honestly, I don't think we really knew what to expect. I woke up with a massive headache which, I am sure, stemmed from the anxiety of the unknown. Was I going to be able to keep up? Where was I supposed to go? Would I hurt my leg again? All of those question were for naught. Beth met me at a grocery store parking lot and we rode together down to LP field and found a parking spot. It was early and chilly but we were glad to get there when we did. After a substantial wait in line for a port a potty we discovered no toilet paper. Someone told us just then that there was a bank of about 50 toilets somewhere else and we made our way over to those picking up free 5 hour energy along the way. These potties were clean and we were happy.

Not too long after we got to LP field, there was an accident to go along with the construction on the interstate which held up traffic for quite awhile. Beth had picked up Vanessa's packet so we kept in contact with her so we could meet up. In the meantime we took a bunch of fun pictures while we were still nice and clean. It just so happened that Vanessa was driving by as we got back to my car to drop off a couple of things so we threw ourselves on her car and scared her half to death! We thought we were pretty funny! :)

As race time loomed nearer we still hadn't found LaRae so we made out way to the back of the pack of 15,000 runners and climbed a hill to see if we could see her. Once we found her we also found Elvis! Did you know he is a Color Runner too?

The race started at 9 but we left the start line closer to 10. They let about 1000 people go at a time and we were in the 9th wave I think. Bobby and our kiddos came down to take pictures so it was quite a wait for them to see us. Vanessa and I ended up running about half the race and walking the rest. Beth walked with LaRae and the rest of the group from Devoted Fitness. We actually waited for a few minutes after the last color station so we could all go to the finish together. Bobby, Munckin and Little Man were waiting at the first color station. It was yellow and apparently they ran out really early so they were scooping it off the ground to throw at us. Munchkin saw what was going on and said she absolutely wants to run the next Color Run. Little Man took one look and said uh uh. He wants no part in the craziness of the Color Run. Those responses are exactly what I would expect from my kiddos! :)

After taking pictures of us at the yellow color station, Bobby and the kids took off to meet us at the finish. We made sure to pretend we were running at that point so we could get more fun pictures. After kisses and hugs they headed for home while Vanessa, Beth, and I headed in to the post race party. Tons more color was thrown, we got more pictures taken and then decided it was time to head out. Since none of us wanted to sit in traffic we decided to go to Shoney's for lunch. I think Bobby and I have eaten there once in the entire time we have lived here. We were glad to see we weren't the only Color Runners there as puffs of colored dust came off of us as we moved.

A few things I learned for next time:
1) Don't wear the fanny looks dumb (although I did carry all of our post race dust in it...
2) Wear extra fun costumes...our crazy socks were fun but we can be crazier
3) Don't there will be no headaches
4)  Bring a bandana for going through the dust stations...breathing colored cornstarch can't be good for you
5) Pay the $5 ahead of time (I did) for post race pics
6) Remember to have fun

If you have ever wanted to run a 5K this is a great starter one to run. It is not about the fastest time, or being completely in shape...obviously I have some work to do there...but it is about having fun. It's not called the Happiest 5K on the Planet for nothing! :) I am sure this is a run I will do again.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hotel Horror Story

Since it is October, and all of the ghosts and goblins are out anyway I am going to tell you a story. It is a true story and only happened last Monday. The characters are real, the places are real, and I am not even changing any names! Bwahahahaha!!! Scared yet?

On a dark and stormy night....Ok, ok, it was a bright chilly afternoon...a group of people squished into a little car pulled up in front of a "quality" inn that had been booked through (It was me, my kids, and my parents...shh). The first sign something was not right was the "lady" of the night (ahem....broad daylight) selling her wares in the parking lot. The family didn't think too much of it but a still small sense of foreboding began to creep over them.

Into the "quality" inn they went and found their room. The kids were anxious because they wanted to jump right into the sparkling pool they had seen in the pictures on the internet. After a quick inspection their mother deemed it safe and let them change into swimsuits. The sense of foreboding grew stronger as they entered the sleeping room in their "quality" suite and found what appeared to be high velocity blood splatter stains on the curtains that wouldn't quite close. At this point the family should have just turned around and left the horror hotel but they were going to stick it out.

While the kids were in the pool the mother (yes me ;)) was reading the signs posted around the pool and noticing phrases like "if you have a contagious disease do not get in the pool" "if you have open wounds do not get in the pool" Ewwwww. The children had only been in the pool for a few minutes when their grandparents came flying around the corner to say "We cannot stay in that room, there is an electrical outlet hanging out of the wall AND there is no peephole!!". Needless to say the children were pulled out of the pool so the next step in the hotel horror story could commence.
Now you might think that it is not such a bad thing to have no peephole except when there is just a hole in the door.
from outside the room
The "quality" staff was helpful and gave the patrons keys to a new room, the new room that reeked of smoke. The patrons simply closed the door and headed back to the front desk. Upon entrance to the third and final room the mother of the two children (ok, ok, again it was me!) looked around and didn't want to put anything down. There was something brown smeared on the carpet near the couch, there was crud all over the couch the two children would be sleeping on, and something (no one could identify what) all over the coffee table.

The smart devices that had been plugged into the walls were charged enough that reviews could be read on the "quality" inn. Stories of bed bugs, unmentionables being sold in the vending machine next to the nutrigrain bars, and other nastiness finally sent the family heading for the hills. They didn't know where they were going but they were not staying there. A pizza place of good quality was found, a new hotel booked, and a happier night with no bed bugs was had.

To end our story though, the next morning the matriarch of the group (hi mom! ) was telling the story to the desk clerk of the "comfort"able inn we stayed in (they had fresh baked cookies when we checked in).  When the location of the "quality" inn was revealed the clerks eyes grew wide and she told of a body found in the wall of a hotel where we had been!!! Bwahahahaha....aren't you glad the family came back from their adventure alive?

Monday, October 08, 2012

Road trip

My mom and dad are here for fall break. So far we have gone to the mall, my mom got a haircut, they watched munchkin and little man while bobby and I went to talladega, and now we are headed to louisville.
We are planning on packing in at least 4 activities plus swimming at the hotel.
I hope to have pics up soon. :)