Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{TWD BWJ} Nectarine Upside Down Chiffon Cake

 Last Tuesdays recipe was Nectarine Upside Down Chiffon Cake. I decided I should make this before my kiddos ate all of the nectarines. Alas, I am still a week behind...at least I am not a month behind. Hopefully I will get the Whole Wheat Loaves baked and posted by next Tuesday.
 Anyway, Bobby, our kiddos, and I were invited over to watch opening day NFL. The Titans were playing the Patriots, the Jets were playing the Bills, and the Colts were playing....uh...someone. The only reason I know this is because there were 2 giant TV's set up in the living room and the Colts fan was watching on an iPad. There was also much use of cell phones to check fantasy football scores. My contribution? Not much smack talk as I know nothing about football but I did get to bring this lovely dessert as well as a pan of blondies.

I think this turned out pretty well. However, it was not quite cooked all the way in the middle so it was a little gooey. The bottom before flipping was very angel food cake like, the nectarines were delicious covered in brown sugar and butter, and the struesel inside was pretty tasty.

 Only about half of this got eaten at the party. The blondies had chocolate so I am sure that had something to do with them being devoured. Overall, I thought this was a nice cake that I would make again if I need something fancy. :) For the recipe you can check out Marlise at Double Trouble Kitchen or Susan at The Little French Bakery. Check back next week for Whole Wheat Loaves! :)