Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Hubs Has My Back....sort of.

So this morning we hemmed and hawed about going to church but finally decided to go. I got dressed and asked my sweet husband if I looked ok. He said yes I did. Now, I know that sometimes this is a loaded question with one required answer. However, usually when I am asking I want to know if I actually look ok.

We got to church, got the kids checked in and went to the service. We were in the balcony singing along with the songs when I thought "huh, the buttons on my shirt feel weird". I reached back and discovered the tag of my shirt poking through my hair. I leaned over to my darling husband and said "well, I know I asked if I looked ok this morning....I am going to the restroom to TURN MY SHIRT RIGHT SIDE OUT!".

The moral of the story here boys is if your wife asks you if she looks ok you can give the required "you look fantastic" answer but if something is inside out please tell her! ;)

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