Double Digits!

10 years ago today I was having constant contractions. I was adamant that I was not going to the hospital until my appointment time though as Bobby and I had already been sent back home twice over the two previous days. When we finally got to the hospital a lady pushing a stroller got on the elevator with us and said to me "It looks like you are in labor!" She then proceeded to run off the elevator so she could sign in before us at the desk.

I had to stop twice between the waiting room and the exam room to have contractions so when the doctor said "We are sending you home" I thought I was going to punch him in the face. But he said "Just kidding, let's get you checked in". That was around three in the afternoon. Bobby and my mom hung out with me, Marissa and Kristina, Joy and Amy all visited. Bobby's mom and dad were on their way from Louisville. We watched Ever After on VHS that we brought from home and passed the time.

Finally at 9:26pm it was time for the sweetest surprise. We didn't find out we were having a girl until she made her debut. And a grand debut it was, Bobby nervously cut the cord. She was blue and was whisked away by the nurses to be suctioned. It wasn't long though until my sweet princess was in my arms. Her daddy cried, her grandma cried. 

10 years later we have the most beautiful, creative, joke cracking, craft making, brilliant, avid reader, loves her brother (even though she sometimes finds him annoying), loves Jesus, loves me and Bobby, H2O watching, board game and Wii playing, almost in middle school, sweet friend girl. We love our sweet Munchkin and pray for another incredible year!


  1. Happy bday to your girl!! She sounds amazing!!

  2. I'm still crying to think she's already 10! Can't wait to see her and her beautiful brother, too, in October. Oh yeah, and you and Bobby too!

  3. Sweet sweet sentiments. Nice to share your story. I'm thinking there are a few more fun details. he he

    Happy Birthday to the girl!
    btw she looks like Mommy :") Beautiful


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