Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Venus Transit

Today was an historic day. Venus made a trip in front of the sun and it was visible to see with the naked eye...well not naked, you really needed some nifty glasses to be able to see the planet become the black dot in front of the sun.

Munchkin had heard about the Transit of Venus from her daddy a couple of weeks ago and made sure to write it on the calendar. We decided to head out to the Adventure Science Center where there was a celebration of all things Venus.  There were free activities being held outside and you could go in the lobby to pick up glasses and register to win a telescope. Once we had our glasses we were on our way to Venus watching.
 These are the best shots I got of Venus in front of the sun. I was using my Cannon Rebel Xsi with my 75-300mm lens and I was holding the nifty solar glasses in front of the the lens as a filter. If you click to make this picture bigger you should be able to see Venus in each shot.
 There was a ton of people at the Adventure Science Center tonight. Parking was rather nightmarish and I am happy to report, the giant SUV that I parked behind did not hit me on the way out of their spot. One of the neatest things we saw was a homemade sun spotter. The contraption showed the image upside down and you were able to see Venus without looking directly at the sun. They also had games like draw a circle around a toilet plunger and draw a line on the shadow, come back before you leave and draw a line on the second shadow that is cast, and become a human sundial. The kids loved the activities.
 I am not sure how I managed the sun flare on this shot but I think it looks cool.
 This was a pretty common sight at the ASC. The couple was so sweet and were having a great time trying to see the sun. :)
 Check out all of the telescopes. A couple of years ago we went to go watch the stars. Bobby thinks this is the same Astronomy club that was there that night. I am amazed by the size of these telescopes. I am sure you could get a great view but I had no desire to stand in line to see.
 Another family had a bit more sophisticated sunspotter and you could really see Venus using their tool.
 We finally decided to go get dinner and sat on the patio at Rafferty's so we could keep watching the sun. After dinner I found a hill so we could watch the sunset. You cannot see Venus in any of these but I think they are pretty anyway.
 One funny story: While at the Adventure Science Center Bobby told Little Man that he needed to look because the next time this event happens we will all be dead. He said "We're all going to die? Even Munchkin? But she got baptized!"

Over all we had a very fun night and I am glad that we got to see history in progress!

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