Friday, June 15, 2012

It Is Well With My Soul

 A few months ago I received a message from my Azusa Pacific advisor asking if I had any suggestions on churches where the small group The Saints could perform. I gave him a few phone numbers but none of them panned out. I was quite pleased though when I got another message saying that the group had been booked locally. Every once in awhile we get to attend a sporting event within a 2 hour range or so but up to now hadn't had the chance to see anyone from the School of Music. Since I majored in music education and my husband was a music theory and composition major music is obviously near and dear to our hearts. He spent countless hours on the road with the University Choir and Orchestra, with the symphonic band, playing with the jazz combo "Dr. Smooth", and playing in his band Something Meaningless Under the Sun. I spent countless hours with the symphonic band (going from first chair flute in high school to 8th chair in college was kind of a kick in the pants.. ;) ), singing with Jubilant Song, being a TA for a music fundamentals class, and with the handbell choir. The music building was our second home.
 When we got to the church tonight it had just started raining. It stopped just long enough for us to get in the door and take our seats. There was another family already in the church and the two girls, Haley and JoRae, were also alumni of APU. The kids saw the fans first and made sure we were settled into a pew so they could be sure to get one.

Before I talk about the performance I have to say that Munchkin had a pretty bad attitude today. When I finally got her to talk about it she said it was because concerts are boring and she never has anything to do. I told her she could take her book and she could read it she got bored. That cheered her up and probably helped her have a better time than she would have.

 The guys, with Tatum on piano, started out with "Shut De Do" which caught the kids attention right away. Both Munchkin and Little Man were enraptured with the performance. Munchkin became a gigglebox when Jonathan, the leader, asked what her name was and commented on her APU shirt. She wouldn't answer, just giggled. Later on they had all of the kids (which ended up being Munchkin and one other little girl) come up from so they could sing a song from Tarzan for them. It was so fun and the congregation loved it. One of my favorites was Be Thou My Vision. I just remember the arrangement that our friend Chad did for University Choir and Orchestra and it has always stuck with me. The arrangement for 8 voices is obviously a bit different then that of a huge choir but it was lovely all the same.
Since all of my photos were taken on my phone I tried to compensate for the blurriness with a posterize filter. :)

 After the concert was over and the group was able to talk we had a good time talking about APU and about the people we knew in common. So, funny story, remember when Bobby was in a band called Daily Planet, formerly known as Houseblend? Well, the one senior in the group said that the Daily Planet CD was the first CD he bought! Another funny APU/Nashville connection. Billy Smiley from White Heart was there and Bobby talked to him about the writer's workshop Houseblend had with him way back before we moved to TN.

I posted on facebook when we got home that "It did my hear good tonight to hear some APU peeps singing. If you are on their route make sure to see the APU Saints".

I meant it, too. It was good for me to see that there are still fantastic musicians singing excellent quality music without the aid of autotune. It was also fun to see those distinctly APU musical traits that we grew to know and love while attending the best school in the US. :) So, if you are on the rest of their route go see them and support these talented young men (and one lovely lady playing piano). 


  1. It sounds like a great group of music and like you had a great time! :)

  2. Hey Karen-
    Came across your site when I googled The Saints. I have added pictures we took of them on our website. ( ) I was wondering if we could link to this blog post on our website? Thanks for blogging about the event and so glad you came! Hopefully if they pass back through Nashville, they will be at Glendale again! My email is

  3. Hi Steven, you can absolutely link to my post! :) We had such a fun time. Thanks for directing us to the "facilities" when we arrived! ;)