Saturday, May 05, 2012

Super Moon

 Last night as we were driving home from dinner with friends we saw some deer down in a low lying area. We jumped out of the car to get pictures of them but we scared them off before I could get any good shots. The moon was almost full though so I was able to get a good shot of that instead.
 Tonight, since the moon was actually full I though I would be able to get a good shot of the moon reflecting on the water. Alas, we went out too late so I missed that opportunity. However, we drove down to the dam anyway to see what we could see. Along with some night fishermen,  Bobby spotted the reflection of the moon in a puddle and this was the result:
 I actually have a couple of better shots of the moon in the puddle but I couldn't get the actual puddle to show up. I love to go our though when the moon is full like this because I get shots like this:

 The dam was well lit and I obviously was not using my tripod. Oh well, it was pretty anyway. :)

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