Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spam and Anchovies: Greekfest

So, last month I missed out on cooking club. At the moment I can't remember why I missed but I did. Looking at the pictures I made the comment that I would not longer wear yoga pants since everyone else looked so cute. Beth jumped in with we should all wear yoga pants and have a Greekfest for this month's Spam and Anchovies night. She also offered to host at her gorgeous home. The night of, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be the only one in my comfy clothes and Vanessa said she would wear her yoga pants for sure. (Side note: not long after discussing wearing yoga pants to cooking club Vanessa posted on of those ecards with the lady sitting on the couch with her head in her hand that said: "My yoga pants have never been to yoga!") When I arrived at Beth's she was all super cute. After dinner and before dessert though she joined the rest of us in our gym attire.

On the menu:
Greek Chicken (grilled by Beth's neighbor)
Greek style Orzo Pasta with brown butter (recipe from Beth's lovely Greek friend)
Traditional Hummus (made by LeAnne)
Black Bean Hummus (made by Anne)
Greek Lantern (also made by Anne)
Falafel (made by Sarah who is vegan and made delicious vegan tahini)
Spanikopita (made by our new Melissa)
Baklava (made by Vanessa about 10 minutes before she walked out the door)
and Greek Butter Cookies (made by me)
And wine...lots of wine

Dinner was fantastic and the night was glorious. We sat outside for quite a long time just chatting and indulging. I know I have said it before but I am blessed to have these ladies in my life. Without them I am fairly certain I would not have tried Greek Lantern, Falafel, or Orzo pasta. We were missing Melissa and Kenna this time and their absence was felt. Everyone brings a unique and fun perspective to the group.

Next month is Vegan night at Sarah's house. My alma mater APU has a small group coming through that night though so it looks like I will miss once again.

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