Friday, May 18, 2012

The Great Tennessee Airshow Pt 1

 The very first airshow I remember going to was in San Diego at Mir Mar Naval Air Station. The Blue Angels flew and I was hooked. I had several posters of fast cars and F-18's. This year at the Great Tennessee Air Show we had the privilege of seeing them fly again. Bobby and I have been going to airshows together basically since we started dating. We went to one in Oregon where I got so sunburned (yes, in Oregon) that I think I peeled for a month.

We have taken the kids to several airshows where we have found seats outside so we didn't have to pay admission. Last year was our first year taking them in and sitting close to the flight line. This year we were a bit smarter than last. We brought our camping chairs and a blanket, my new Kobo, binoculars and a few games to play. The kids can only watch the sky for so long until they get antsy.

 We were excited to see the C-130, the former soldier that was paralyzed and still did a hang glider performance, all of the stunt planes, The P-51, and of course, the Blue Angels. They will be in another post. :)

 It was fascinating to see the wings on the B-One move to increase the speed.
 I was a little concerned because there was a fuel truck near us. There was no need to worry though. :)
 Of course, when you see an explosion like this you are glad the fuel truck is no where near you anymore.

 I love my camera and feel like I get pretty good pictures. However, I was having some serious lens envy at the show. There were tons of people that had huge lenses. At one point I got up to talk to one of the photographers who had an extra camera with another huge lens slung over his shoulder.
 The kids really did have a good time. They were pretty impressed with the stunt planes and the fact that they got to tour the inside of the C-5.
 When Munchkin and I weer coming back from the portapotties she found herself. :)
 The Oakley plane did quite a few fun stunts. Once he was done, the pilot got out and gave autographs. Munchkin had to chase him down the fence line to get him to sign her paper. He seemed nice enough. Bobby said his grin is from taking so many G's :)

 I will leave you on this post with this bit of cuteness. Love the headphones on cute babies! :)

 Next up: The Great Tennessee Airshow Pt. 2.

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