Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 I will start this off with a quick disclaimer. If you are squeamish about dead animals don't scroll to the last picture. If you are fascinated by the circle of life check out the dead possum in the last picture. :)

My knowledge of vultures is pretty much limited to the two hanging out on the branch in Splash Mountain. Of course those two talk and I am sure these do not. On our way home from school yesterday we saw about 8 vultures congregating in a field. We had an extra friend with us so after dropping him off we went back to see if we could get close to the vultures. Typically I see them flying over the freeway when there is a deer that has been hit by a car.
 These guys were about to feast on an opossum that had been in the field. By the time we got back they had dragged it out to the side of the road. The kids and I hung out for fifteen minutes or so watching this "Venue" of vultures avoid cars, fight with each other, and dismember the poor opossum. I am pretty sure we saw at least one kidney go flying....

 These are my two favorite shots I got of these Black Vultures. Watch Out!! Coming in for a landing!!
 At one point there were several vultures sitting in the tree. I am sure they didn't appreciate being approached to have their photo taken but I figured I was less of a threat than a 2000 pound car coming straight at them. The vultures in the tree reminded my a bit of the Disney vultures..

 At the end we left the last vultures dismembering the opossum. The kids were kind of grossed out but as Bobby explained to them later, that is just how it is. The vultures have to eat and they take care of some of the animals that get hit and killed. They did think it was kind of fun to see the birds up close and personal though. :)

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