Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{TWD} Bill's Big Carrot Cake

 Way back in 2008 Laurie of Slush started TWD. The first recipe I stumbled upon was Snickery Squares. I missed several recipes in the beginning and thought I would fill in extra weeks with rewinds on the recipes I didn't get to. This particular recipe was chosen by Amanda of Slow Like Honey. way back in 2008. You can click the link to see her experience with this cake..or 3 cakes that she made. :)
I had a pot luck with my students last night and thought this would be a good recipe to take. It really came together fairly quickly. I only have 2 round cake pans though so I had to split the batter and bake in two batches. My students loved this carrot cake! They thought it was really tasty and I did too. I am really not a big fan of carrot cake, I am not sure why though sine I like it when I try it. This was really good though..even if it is a little like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. ;)

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  1. You're not a fan?? I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with carrot cake!! I'll have to try this one if you say it's really good!