Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tribute to a Trusty Honda Civic

Once upon a time in a time far away...or what was known as 1997...Bobby and I both graduated from Azusa Pacific. We also got hitched. For graduation his parents gifted him with a brand new Honda Civic. For the years prior he had been driving an early to mid eighties blue Volvo Station Wagon. For a very brief stint I had an early 80's Volvo sedan...but that is another story for another day. :)  Little did we know that the Honda Civic would last us a very long time. We started our married life in that car. After the ceremony we scrunched my ginormous dress into the front seat and considered going through the drive through at McDonald's before hitting the reception. But alas, our brains won out over our stomachs when we decided I would probably spill ketchup on my bueno for pictures.
 In 1998 our sweet silver Honda got a twin. A very smooth salesman talked us into the blue civic. Since we liked our 97 so much of course we should have a 98 as well...Since he took my even smaller Honda hatchback  (that had recently broken down on my way home from work) it was a deal. Aren't our twin cars cute in the driveway of our first house? Life went on for the next couple of years and apparently I didn't get any more pictures of our cars. We lived in California, commuted to work, had the flu where getting into a car that was 120 degrees actually felt good, had many dates to the movies, drove to San Antonio for a wedding, drove to Oregon for a reception, drove to Northern CA to see my family, drove to Arizona for Thanksgiving. Our little silver Honda got a workout those first couple of years traveling all over the place.
 In 2001 we picked up and moved with Bobby's band, Daily Planet, to Tennessee. While Bobby was commuting in the Honda every couple of weeks to his job I was working at The ScrapYard fairly close to home. We kept my Blue Honda until the lease ran out and then sent it back. One day while I was working Bobby was going to bring me lunch. Someone turned out and hit the side of our car. The guy then tried to say that Bobby hit him...with the side of his car....yea.....Thank goodness for insurance as we were able to fix up the side of that car. It was good as new! 2001, as you know, was also the year the twin towers fell. We actually had a trip planned to Pennsylvania for a friends wedding so we decided we would go Washington, DC as well. We took that trip in our Trusty Honda Civic, went to the White House, and actually drove up to the front door of the Pentagon. The highlight though was seeing my beautiful friend Jen get married!
 In 2002 we brought our first baby home in the Trusty Honda Civic. It was the most nerve wracking drive of our lives. I sat in back with Munchkin and Bobby navigated the streets with our new precious bundle of joy. It was also pouring rain..that was not much help for his nerves. Munchkin became a seasoned traveler all before she was 6 months old. Not only did she get to have her diaper changed at Belle Meade plantation on the back of the Honda, she got to be in her car seat all the way to Florida for Rock the Universe at Universal, Orlando. It is not wonder she was not a fan of being stuck in her car seat.

In 2004 we brought Little Man home in The Trusty Honda as well. We went to playgroups, Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), church and all kinds of fun activities. In 2005 right around the time of the next photo we found out about Little Mans ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum).
 We spent a lot of time in the Trusty Honda Civic in 2005 going to physical therapy and occupational therapy. It was good for both kids though. Little Man wanted to do anything Munchkin did so if the therapist couldn't get him to do something Munchkin would do it first so he would copy her.
 In 2006, (at 23 months) Little Man started walking. I just love that he is mowing the grass here. He wanted to help his daddy any time he was outside. :)
Even though Munchkin has never been a fan of the car and pretty much refuses to sleep, Little Man adores the car and can fall asleep in 5 seconds flat. This day in 2007 they must have both been exhausted since they are both zonked out in the back seat.
 In 2008 we took the car to a nearby lot to shoot off fireworks. They are illegal in our county but on the 4th of July people usually look the other way. We didn't have anything that was shooting into the air and, of course, we picked up our trash. The car made a great seat for the kids to watch the action though. For several years in a row we drove to Texas for Thanksgiving. It is about 15-18 hours depending on what part of Texas we were heading to. So, again in 2008, the Honda proved how trusty it was.
 In 2009 our Trusty Honda Civic was starting to show its age. When you are slipping out of 3rd gear it is time to bite the bullet and go above and beyond normal maintenance. The Trusty Honda got a new transmission and Bobby was able to continue commuting and getting 35 MPG. We also had a Durango at this time that I was driving. We traded that in on a 2009 Nissan Versa though that has been pretty good to us so far. :)
 As 2010 rolled around we started to take the Versa a few more places than the Trusty Civic. It was now 13 years old and starting to get that smell that old cars get. There were also a few issues like broken CV joints and the heat was not what it once was. So, even though our Trusty Honda was still pretty trusty, and was still getting good gas mileage, it was kind of retired from taking super long trips.
In 2011 the Trusty Honda Civic kept moving along and kept working just fine but developed an oil leak that no one seemed to be able to find. Every couple of months Bobby would dump a couple of quarts of oil in the car and it would just keep on keeping on. It got to haul it's last Christmas tree to our house that year.

 Here we are in 2012. We saved and saved and finally had enough for a new (to us) car. Bobby took about a week to clean out the Trusty Honda Civic and decided to take it to CarMax and see what he could get. After getting some advice from our friend Grant he knew what he would take for it. When CarMax offered us exactly what we wanted we knew it was the right time for our Trusty Honda Civic to find a new home. As I followed him to CarMax I actually got a little teary! This is the trusty car we started our married life in, sat in front of the first home we rented and the first home we bought,  brought both of our babies home in, and traveled the country in. It is car that I associate many joyful memories with. I only home that it finds another family to be Trusty for. :)
 This is the day we sold our Trusty Honda Civic. I would like to note the small child in the second photo is a photo bomber.....
Goodbye Trusty Honda Civic.


  1. Great car; great memories. Glad we were part of it. Honda should use your blog for its marketing.

  2. Yes they should.... and what a great story teller! Thanks for sharing about your first family car-child. I can certainly feel for you as you said goodbye.