Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spam and Anchovies: Italian Night

Kenna, Anne, Melissa, Melissa, Vanessa
 Friday night was my monthly cooking club: Spam and Anchovies. It was Italian night and I got to host! Now, I have to apologize in advance to my girls. I did not get a photo of the lovely biscotti Melissa (in the middle) brought and I did not get a photo of the delicious Tiramisu Melissa (2nd from the right) brought.

Caprese Salad
Caprese Salad
 I like to think that I am organized enough that I can be a good hostess but I don't really think I am. I made the main dish, which was baked ziti and I made a caprese salad. I did not have a corkscrew to open the wine (had to borrow one from my neighbor), I did not have wine glasses to drink said wine out of, I didn't tell anyone I was making Caprese Salad, I did not even think about coffee (I think my pot is on a shelf in the basement), and I used plastic plates. Yeah......
Baked Ziti
 Even though I felt like I did poorly as host at least we had lots of fun conversation, we got to know a new friend, and the food we had was delicious. We had the added benefit of Kenna's first hand Italian knowledge as she lived there for awhile. Kenna brought cantaloupe and prosciutto and we ate that as a palate cleanser between the 2 Caprese Salads and the Baked Ziti.

Cantaloupe and Prosciutto
Like my centerpiece? I tried to find those old candle holders that you saw at places like pizza hut..I don't know, they seem Italian to me..or at least in my foggy memory they do.

 Anyway, this was a fun gathering at my house this month and I am looking forward to Greek night next month at Beth's! :)

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  1. I do think you are a great host, the food looks delicious!!!