Spam and Anchovies: Comfort Food

As I was going through blog posts a few minutes ago I realized I hadn't actually posted anything about Spam and Anchovies for last month. I edited pictures and posted them in our little FB group but failed to actually post. I need a big L for my forehead.
We have added a few new faces to our little group and what a group it is! Everyone of the ladies (new and old) bring such character and their own personal flair to the group.
The theme was comfort food and Anne made a delicious burgundy beef  crockpot meal...without the burgundy. It was delicious! I took green salad, Kenna brought Quinoa salad, Vanessa brought roasted broccoli and Lima Beans, and Sarah (who has a sweet blog about her family as well as a food blog) brought fresh rolls and Brown Butter Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites...yes they are as dangerous as they sound. ;) It would appear that we are a rather healthy comfort food crew.
 Comfort food is kind of hard to photograph and apparently I need to get an external flash or make a flash diffuser so that I can have better lighting in my photos. Ah...first world problems... ;)

 Beth and Anne popped open the wine and seem quite happy about it. :)
 This was one of the wine selections for the night. Pretty funny! I personally do not drink red not because I think it is a sin...because red wine gives me a migraine. I found out after drinking about 3 sips at a dinner party that red wine hates me....perhaps it is the sulfites.

These are the dangerous Brown Butter Cookie Dough Pretzel Squares. I am sure that everyone lost count of how many they actually ate.
 I am so thankful for a group of ladies I can get together with and laugh until we cry and have a delicious meal on top of that! It looks like I am going to miss this months due to another commitment.. I am taking pictures at my kids school dance. Spam and Anchovies will be having Thai food this time though so you will have to watching for an update from the other bloggers in the group. Happy cooking! :)


  1. It looks as if you had tons of fun, what a great group!!!

  2. Looks like a fun group! Those pretzel squares do look dangerous!

  3. It sounds like a fun group. Red wine also give me headaches.


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